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Your HGV Driver Training Questions, Answered

A career as a HGV driver can be hugely rewarding, exciting and generally different from many other career options out there. That’s why we see a lot of different people coming into the field from all walks of life, all looking for one thing – the freedom of the open road and being your own […]

ADR Licensing – What And Why?

The life of an HGV driver is never dull. There are always new places to see and go, new companies to work for, and new loads to carry. We even know of some drivers who play games of ‘cargo bingo’ to see what the most exciting thing they’ve ever transported is. But within HGV driving […]

How To Avoid The 4 Most Common HGV Accidents

As a professional HGV driver, one of your main responsibilities is to ensure the safety of you, your cargo, and other road users and you move around the country. But unfortunately, accidents do happen, and for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it’s not the driver’s fault, whereas sometimes there was something that could be done […]

4 Tips To Choosing The Right HGV Driver Training School For You

Becoming a HGV driver is an incredibly rewarding career. It means a life on the road, being your own boss, and knowing you’re a key part of our country’s economy, even in times of difficulty, like now. It’s also a nice little earner, which is why so many people are now flocking to start their […]

What License You Need To Drive An Ambulance

If you were to ask a child what they wanted to be when they grew up, quite a lot of them would probably say doctor, or ambulance driver, along with fireman and policeman. There’s something all of those professions have in common – they are all heroes. But with the current pandemic shining a light […]

The HGV Hazard Perception Test 101

If you’re looking to become a HGV driver in the future, then getting your Driver CPC and HGV licence is a good place to start. This isn’t exactly a quick process, but it a worthwhile one. As the current situation shows, there will always be a need for delivery drivers, and it can be a […]

How Covid-19 Is Impacting the Haulage Industry

There is no denying that we are in the midst of the biggest health crisis in living memory. As the country once again extends the lockdown, with hints that it will only be lifted when a vaccine is developed, it becomes more difficult to understand what the UK will look like at the end of […]

Are You Driving Your Manager Mad? Stop Doing These 5 Things!

If you’re a professional HGV driver, then the odds are you will be working with other people. People within the same company who all work together to ensure that things get done the right way, on time and on budget, keeping clients and staff happy. One of those people will be your direct manager, and […]

Are Dash Cams A Good Idea For HGV Drivers?

If you’re a professional HGV driver, then a good chunk of your time every day (and night) will be spent on the road. Once you’ve been doing it for a while, you’ll have your own little ‘essentials’ kit that makes life a little easier while you’re away from home. Things like pillows, food and drink, […]

How to Stay Focussed on Long Journeys

If you’re a professional HGV driver, odds are you do some pretty long trips behind the wheel. It’s part of the job, so not exactly surprising. But it does mean you will probably suffer from one of the big issues affecting HGV drivers – fatigue on the road. Racking up thousands of miles can be […]