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New Careers That Could Be Yours With a Licence Upgrade

Its June, and you know what that means? We’re officially halfway through the year! The time has flown by, and it’s left many people reviewing their new year’s resolutions. Did you ever get that new job? Look into that new licence so you can earn more money this year? If you didn’t manage it, this […]

Dumper Truck Driving 101

You may have noticed, but not all HGV’s are created equal. There are hundreds of different kinds of HGV on the road, all with different jobs to do. All helping support businesses, individuals and even the public sector. One of the least acknowledged of these is the dumper truck, which is particularly important in the […]

Hazard Perception Theory Tips

The theory test is one of the more daunting aspects of becoming an HGV driver, and many trainees often worry about taking it. But behind all the worry, the hazard perception part of the test is one that brings out the most concern. The whole section – videos on how to identify hazards and developing […]

How Do You Prepare For The HGV Theory Test?

Tests are rarely a fun thing to do, for anyone. When it comes to any driving theory test, it can be a bit nerve-wracking. But if you’re training to upgrade your license so that you can drive a HGV professionally, you will need to take a new driving theory test that is specific to HGV […]

Your Complete Guide To Driving A Minibus

If you wanted to know what was in-between a van and an HGV, we would tell you ‘a minibus’. They are great vehicles – versatile and really easy to use. They’re perfect for transporting people and things when a full lorry might just be too much. From helping a loved one to move house to […]

5 Ways You Can Stay Awake Behind The Wheel

Drowsy driving is suspected to be a primary cause in more than 20% of road fatalities. Most fatigue-related accidents occur during normal sleeping hours, and the more severe the crash, the more likely it is that the driver or drivers were fatigued. Fatigue is a likely factor in almost one-third of single-vehicle crashes in rural areas. Many […]

4 Ways For HGV Drivers To Stay Healthier On The Road

If you’ve ever driven for a long period of time on the road, then you know just how draining it can be. Even though you are physically ‘sitting still’, there are many more demands on your body and mind that make driving professionally a very demanding job. Of course, that doesn’t take away from the […]

How Much Damage Do HGV’s Really Do?

Think back – when was the last time you caught yourself complaining about the state of the roads in the UK? Whether it’s the flaking of tarmac on the motorway or that giant pothole on your road that’s racked your windscreen – most of us can think of a dozen places where the roads are […]

Gritter Lorries – The Unsung Heroes of Winter

At this moment, gritter lorries are making their rounds across England, Scotland and Wales, battling to make the roads a safer place for determined motorists. In reaction to the cold snap and sudden snowfall, the gritter lorries have been out in full force for days. And if you spot a gritter lorry out and about, […]

The Regulations Around HGV Driving in the UK

HGV safety concerns have once again been making headlines after a collision between 2 lorries and a mini-bus resulted in 8 casualties. But the regulations around HGV driving have always been strict – more so than most people realise. So we thought we out to go over what regulations are in place to keep both […]