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The Wait Is Over – The Tesla HGV Is Here!

In our last blog post, we talked about the possibilities of electric HGV’s. More to the point, how they were a bit like busses. But the race is finally over, and Tesla have unveiled their all electric, futuristic HGV. And honestly, it’s blown us away. Their concept design has made it through production with barely […]

5 Ways To Keep Your HGV Safe This Winter

When you’re driving something as big and heavy as a HGV, it can be easy to forget just how dangerous the roads can be. Especially in winter, when the roads are icy and covered in wet, slippery leaves. But all across the country, people are depending on you to deliver their Christmas presents in time […]

The Future Is Electric

They’ve not even been released yet, but already it seems as though electric HGV’s are like buses. You wait forever for one, and then 2 come along at the same time! Yes, it’s been an interesting few weeks in the world of HGV’s, with the best still to come. First came the announcement of the […]

Using Technology To Detect Tiredness – And Save Lives

Driver tiredness is one of the biggest threats on our roads at the moment. Driver tiredness claims thousands of lives every year – more than drink driving. If you don’t believe us, consider this:   Almost 20% of major accidents on the road are sleep-related Sleep-related accidents are more likely than others to result in […]

The Impact Of The Diesel Scrappage Scheme

As a specialist in HGV driver training and haulage recruitment, we pride ourselves on bringing you the very latest HGV news as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve had here, talks about cutting edge issues in the past such as the new driverless lorries still being trialled across the country, or of Tesla’s intention to […]

What Are Safety Control For HGVs?

There have been many incidents recently where HGVs and their drivers have not been painted in a positive light by the media. Whether that’s because a driver has been involved in an accident or reporting on the national shortage, HGVs are rarely reported in a positive light. But these accidents don’t happen as often as […]

Independent UK Retailers – Know Your HGV Licences

If you run an independent retail business in the UK, you will be well aware of all the hoops you need to jump through and tasks to complete in your day-to-day running. It can sometimes be more than you can count which is why, more often than not, something gets forgotten. But generally, how your […]

Understanding The New Emissions Spot Checks

If you listen to the news at all, you will know that pollution is still a hot button topic, hidden inside all of the politics and bad news flying around at the moment. Vehicle emissions have been closely tied to air pollution and the production of greenhouse gasses for many years now and efforts have […]

Drivers Going Digital

  No, we don’t mean digital drivers instead of people (though that is close to happening in some cases thanks to driverless cars). In this case, we mean bringing the heavily paper-based HGV driving industry into the 21st century, kicking and screaming. You see, HGV driving is a very heavily regulated profession, with a lot […]

HGV Drivers And Brexit

If you live in the UK, it’s probably safe to say you’ve heard a lot about Brexit over the past year. The subject of Britain’s potential exit from the EU has caused a lot of heated debate, and we have no intention of getting involved in the political side of things. This post is not […]