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Stay Cool: Tips for Managing the Summer Heat in Your HGV

Summer days are something we look forward to every year in the UK. We don’t get a lot of opportunities to enjoy the sun shining over here, so when the temperature soars, we all want to take full advantage. If you’re working as an HGV driver, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to soak up more […]

What Are The Differences Between Driving A Lorry And A Car?

Many people think that because they’re a confident and competent car driver, they’ll find the transition to being a lorry driver easy. However, although a full Category B car driving licence is required to become a lorry and HGV driver, there are some key differences when it comes to driving each type of vehicle. The […]

Top 10 Common Misconceptions about HGV Drivers

The past year, we’ve become more aware than ever about what’s an ‘essential’ service. In particular, especially as things return to normal, we’ve seen how vital HGV drivers are to the nation’s economy. A massive shortfall of drivers is attracting people to the profession, but myths still exist about the job and what it entails. […]

Summer food shortages looming unless HGV driver shortfall addressed

This is the clear warning that was recently issued to Boris Johnson on 23 June 2021. As a result, the Government is now in emergency talks with logistics groups and food suppliers to discuss proposals to address the chronic HGV driver shortage, which is threatening to collapse food supply chains in just a matter of […]

Your Legal Drive Times As A HGV Driver

Being on the road as a HGV driver is an incredibly rewarding experience. And one of the things our drivers love the most is their ability to work flexibly, fitting in their shifts around home life. But when it comes to taking breaks, there is a little less wiggle room. In order to make sure […]

Do We Still Need HGV Drivers In 2021?

Simply put – yes! Absolutely! This is a question we get asked a lot as an HGV driver training company. But despite all the advances in technology, the demand for HGV drivers continued to rise in 2020, and in 2021 it’s still growing at a rapid pace. HGV drivers are still the lifeblood of our […]

What Does The HGV Hazard Perception Test Look Like?

Being a HGV driver isn’t just a fantastic way to make money while on the road. It’s also a very skilled job – much more so than many people think! And one of the many things that makes it so skilled is the fact you need to be much more aware of what’s happening around […]

What Can I Expect From The HGV Medical Exam?

As you might have noticed by now, there are a fair few steps involved in becoming a professional HGV driver. And among the theory and practical exams, the training hours and the practice you need to put in, these also a medical exam to consider. It often seems like a small part of the whole […]

3 Top Safety Tips For Long-Haul HGV Drivers

When it comes to HGV driving, there’s a lot to take in. But in all of the training, one of the most critical things we teach you about is safety. What you might not know is that there are generally two parts to this. The first is your standard theory and road safety – no […]

What’s Being a HGV Driver Really Like?

When you’re first looking to become a HGV driver, you might be a bit confused about what to expect. After all, most people can imagine what your average office job will be like, but trying to figure out how being a HGV driver will impact your like is something else entirely. And before you jump […]