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How Long Does it Take to Become an HGV Driver?

Becoming an HGV or lorry driver is an excellent way to open the door to a new and improved range of career opportunities. Right now, HGV driving is quickly becoming one of the most secure and well-paying jobs in the UK, and you don’t need a specialist degree to get started. All you need is […]

Top 10 Common Misconceptions about HGV Drivers

The past year, we’ve become more aware than ever about what’s an ‘essential’ service. In particular, especially as things return to normal, we’ve seen how vital HGV drivers are to the nation’s economy. A massive shortfall of drivers is attracting people to the profession, but myths still exist about the job and what it entails. […]

What’s Being a HGV Driver Really Like?

When you’re first looking to become a HGV driver, you might be a bit confused about what to expect. After all, most people can imagine what your average office job will be like, but trying to figure out how being a HGV driver will impact your like is something else entirely. And before you jump […]

4 Tips To Choosing The Right HGV Driver Training School For You

Becoming a HGV driver is an incredibly rewarding career. It means a life on the road, being your own boss, and knowing you’re a key part of our country’s economy, even in times of difficulty, like now. It’s also a nice little earner, which is why so many people are now flocking to start their […]

3 Things You Might Not Know About the HGV Medical Exam

If you’ve been reading our blogs for a while now, you probably already know that becoming an HGV driver isn’t exactly a simple process. There are a lot of hoops to jump through to get your licence and lots of different options depending on what you want to do. But one of the things every […]

Grandfather Rights, The Driver CPC And Why It Matters

If you’ve been around for a while, or just like to read a lot, then you might be familiar with the term ‘grandfather rights’, and how important they can be when it comes to driving professionally, especially where the Driver CPC is concerned. If you’ve not heard of them before, let us enlighten you. Grandfather […]

Top Tips For Passing Your HGV Driver Training Practical Test

If you’re training to be an HGV driver, then you already know just how much work and revision is involved. If you’re just starting out, then welcome! It’s a long road ahead, but it’s worth it. One of the things we get asked about time and time again is the HGV driver practical test – […]

HGV Drivers Training – Your Beginners Guide

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the plunge and become a HGV driver. Now that you’ve done the easy bit, it’s time to get complicated. Now you have to choose which licence you want to do, what courses you need to take and how to go about it all. In other words, you need to navigate […]

How Do You Prepare For The HGV Theory Test?

Tests are rarely a fun thing to do, for anyone. When it comes to any driving theory test, it can be a bit nerve-wracking. But if you’re training to upgrade your hgv license so that you can drive a HGV professionally, you will need to take a new driving theory test that is specific to […]