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Understanding Your LGV/HGV Licence

Starting a career as a lorry driver means getting to grips with a variety of licences and undergoing specific training – which can seem complex and overwhelming at first. However, at The LGV Training Company, we’ve created this guide to make sense of the requirements, offering to-the-point answers to common questions about becoming a professional […]

What is The Driver CPC Card?

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is a mandatory qualification for professional drivers within the European Union, aimed at enhancing road safety and driving standards. It applies to drivers operating heavy goods vehicles, buses, and coaches, ensuring they possess up-to-date knowledge and skills. T This guide breaks down the essentials of the Driver CPC […]

How to Get Your CPC Card: A Guide for Every Aspiring Professional Driver

Introduction Becoming a professional driver can be an exciting and rewarding process, but there are plenty of steps involved before you can officially start. A substantial milestone in this journey is obtaining your Driver CPC (Driver Certificate of Professional Competence) Card. Much like the journey to passing the HGV Theory Test, getting your CPC Card […]

What is an HGV Medical? A Guide for Aspiring and Existing Lorry Drivers

Introduction Starting your career as an HGV driver is exciting and filled with opportunities. A crucial part of this journey is the HGV medical exam – a process that ensures you’re fit and ready to take on the road. At The LGV Training Company, we understand the importance of this exam and are here to […]

How to Pass The HGV Theory Test: Your Guide to Success

Introduction Starting your journey to become a Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) driver is both exciting and challenging. A crucial step in this journey is passing the HGV Theory Test, an assessment that ensures you have the necessary knowledge and skills to operate large vehicles safely. This blog will guide you through the intricacies of the […]

How to Become a Lorry Driver

The allure of the open road, the freedom of travel, and the satisfaction of playing a crucial role in the supply chain make lorry driving an appealing career choice. In the UK, the demand for more HGV drivers is consistently high, offering a stable and rewarding career path. This guide will walk you through the […]

The LGV Training Company Highlights Thriving HGV Industry Amidst Growth Opportunities

The HGV industry is currently experiencing a surge in growth and presents a multitude of opportunities for prospective drivers. Recent statistics from a comprehensive study conducted by the Logistics UK demonstrate positive trends and highlight the numerous advantages of pursuing a career in HGV driving.   The study reveals a significant increase in practical HGV […]

What’s Involved in Getting a HIAB Licence? The Basics

As demand for professionals in the HGV landscape continues to increase, there’s never been a better time to start honing your skills, and increasing your earning potential. While a standard CPC qualification and HGV training can prepare you for a range of roles in this landscape, you can increases your chances of earning lucrative roles […]

The Key Benefits of an HGV Driving Career in 2023

Driving an HGV can be a lucrative, fast-paced, and exciting career for anyone with a taste for being behind the wheel. If you’re tired of sitting in an office chair, being micro-managed by your boss, or rarely getting to spend any time outdoors, then an HGV job could be just what you’re looking for. The […]

Tips for Driving your HGV Safely in Winter

Learning how to drive an HGV can unlock a huge range of benefits for today’s professionals, from excellent earning opportunities to incredible freedom in your career. However, there are also a number of challenges involved with driving a large vehicle too. Driving an HGV isn’t the same as driving a car. There are various additional […]