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Here’s Why You Should Choose a National HGV Training Provider (Not a Local School)

You’ve done the research into the HGV driving landscape, discovered the incredible earning opportunities, and decided once and for all, you’re ready for your new career. Now, all you need to do is begin your HGV training. You’ll need to develop some key skills, pass your theory and practical tests, and update your CV ready for your new job. So, where do you begin?

For most drivers, there are two options. You can go for a local school that’s close to home, or you can explore the benefits of a National HGV Training provider. Here’s why choosing a HGV training provider is the best option for 99% of students.

1. The Freedom of Choice

If you’ve ever looked for insurance, utilities, or broadband online, you’ll know sometimes you need to shop around to get the best value. A local school won’t always have the resources you need, and they may not be available to offer lessons and tests at the times that suit you.

Alternatively, a National HGV training provider has access to dozens of locations and teachers for you to choose from. You’ll have complete control over which training provider you want to work with, and when you’re going to book your lessons and tests. That means you can ensure you get the best possible experience for your needs.

2. Pass Protection

Worried you won’t pass your HGV tests the first time? Sometimes, no matter how much you commit to your education, you still don’t get the passing grade straight away. With a local school, if you don’t pass immediately, it’ll be up to you to pay for extra lessons and tests, and wait until an opportunity emerges for you to try again.

With a National HGV Training provider, you can purchase your lessons with Pass Protection. This means even if you don’t pass straight away, you can keep working at it until you reach your goal. Plus, you get the reassurance of a fantastic pass rate. Here at the LGV training company we audit all of our schools to make sure our pass rate is above average.

3. End-to-End Support

While local schools can offer you a decent level of support, they usually miss out key areas of the journey to becoming an HGV driver. You’re unlikely to get assistance with things like filling out provisional forms, studying for your theory test, and taking your theory exam.

With a National HGV Training company, you get the support of a dedicated advisor from start to finish. An expert will work with you on every stage of your training, and ensure there’s always someone available to answer any questions you might have. We’re with you every step of the way.

4. A Quick Route to Employment

Finally, with a National Training provider, you don’t just get help managing your practical test. You’ll also get a head-start on entering the job market too. At the LGV training company, we partner with national recruitment firms to give you regular updates on the jobs available in your area, with top picks chosen just for you.

On top of that, we’ll help you with re-writing your CV, to ensure you capture the attention of the nation’s top employers, and give you free, impartial advice on potential roles and career development. We’ll make sure you can start your new career as quickly as possible!

Choose Right: Choose a National HGV Training Provider

With an above-average pass rate, more than 65 training centres worldwide, and a team of dedicated advisors on-hand to help every student, the LGV training company makes starting your new career as simple as possible. We can offer training for all kinds of HGV licences, assist you in writing the perfect CV, and get you on track to your dream job.

We’ve even helped countless leading brands train their employees. Find out why it really pays off to work with a National HGV Training provider by contacting the LGV Training company today.

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