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What is The Driver CPC Card?

The Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) is a mandatory qualification for professional drivers within the European Union, aimed at enhancing road safety and driving standards. It applies to drivers operating heavy goods vehicles, buses, and coaches, ensuring they possess up-to-date knowledge and skills. T

This guide breaks down the essentials of the Driver CPC card, including its requirements, the process for obtaining and maintaining it, and its significance in the professional driving industry.

What is Driver CPC?

The Driver CPC was introduced to ensure that all professional drivers, whether they’re behind the wheel of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), buses, or coaches, have the necessary skills and knowledge to operate safely and efficiently. This certification is about more than just holding a driving licence; it’s a demonstration of a driver’s ongoing commitment to professional standards and road safety.

Who Needs It?

If you’re operating a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes or with nine or more passenger seats for commercial purposes in the EU, you’ll need a valid Driver CPC. This requirement applies to a wide range of drivers, excluding those driving for non-commercial purposes, emergency services, or the military. Essentially, if you’re driving professionally, obtaining a full Driver CPC is not optional – but mandatory.


Getting Your Driver CPC

Initial Qualification: The journey to obtaining your Driver CPC starts with the initial qualification process, which is designed to test your knowledge and skills across a range of areas. This includes a theory test, a driver CPC practical test, and a case study test. The practical elements assess your ability to ensure vehicle safety and security, a key component of the certificate of professional competence.

Periodic Training: Once you’ve obtained your Driver CPC, the learning doesn’t stop. Drivers are required to complete 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years to maintain their qualifications. This driver CPC periodic training is crucial for keeping up to date with changes in regulations, vehicle standards, and driving practices.

Why It Matters

Holding a Driver CPC is a clear indicator of your professional competence and dedication to safety on the roads. It’s not just about compliance with driver CPC rules; it’s about ensuring that you are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the potential challenges of professional driving. Employers often look for this qualification as a prerequisite, making it a valuable asset for the rest of your career.

Maintaining Your CPC

To maintain your Driver CPC, you must complete the required hours of periodic training within each five-year cycle. Failure to do so can result in the suspension of your professional driving privileges until you meet the training requirements.

Carrying The CPC Card

Upon completing your training, you’ll receive a driver qualification card (DQC). This card is physical proof of your qualification and must be carried whenever you’re driving professionally. It serves as evidence that you have completed the full Driver CPC and are compliant with the relevant vehicle standards agency regulations.


The Driver CPC is a fundamental requirement for anyone looking to drive professionally within the EU. From the initial driver CPC courses to the ongoing requirement for periodic training, every aspect of the Driver CPC is designed to ensure that drivers meet the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

Whether you’re just starting your career or are an experienced driver, understanding and complying with the Driver CPC requirements is essential for legal and professional driving in the EU. Remember, it’s not just about following the rules; it’s about being a competent, safe, and responsible driver.

At The LGV Training Company, we understand the importance of obtaining your Driver CPC qualification. Our comprehensive driver CPC training courses are tailored to meet your needs, ensuring you receive the knowledge and skills necessary to pass your tests and maintain your qualification. With our support, you can navigate the training course requirements efficiently, making the process of getting your CPC card straightforward and stress-free.

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