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What Can I Expect From The HGV Medical Exam?

As you might have noticed by now, there are a fair few steps involved in becoming a professional HGV driver. And among the theory and practical exams, the training hours and the practice you need to put in, these also a medical exam to consider. It often seems like a small part of the whole […]

4 Reasons Dash Cams Could Save Your HGV Business

Ask yourself this question. If you, as an HGV driver, get into an accident – even a minor fender bender – and it wasn’t your fault, how do you prove it? As a professional driver, your license and livelihood are at risk if you don’t, but the only evidence is a he-said-she-said scenario for an […]

Avoiding Petrol Theft In HGVs

HGV drivers are very rarely the victims of crime while on the road, there’s just too much moving around. But on one of the few occasions that they are targeted, it is often for the crime of petrol theft. The fuel in an HGV is sometimes as financially valuable the HGV’s actual cargo, and it’s […]

Horsebox Training – What And Why?

While most of the people we train are looking to start driving professionally, we do get a lot of people coming to us for different reasons. That’s because we offer not only HGV license training but also a unique course in horsebox driver training. Often the people who come to us for horsebox training aren’t […]

Do You Have The Right Stuff? What HGV Drivers Are Made Of

I’m, guessing that you’ve found your way to this website, and in particular to this post because you are interested in a career as an HGV driver. That’s fantastic! Driving HGV’s for a living is an incredibly rewarding and vital career – it’s what keeps our economy thriving. But it takes a very special kind […]

HGV & LGV Driving Hours

HGV & LGV Driving Hours This week, we will be focusing on the rules whilst drive an LGV / HGV truck & go into a bit more details on the breaks legally in place. So, there are three different type of rules that could apply to you; EU Rules AETR Rules GB Domestic Rules The […]

Once you have passed your test with us; LGV RECRUITMENT

Once you have passed your test with us; As a company ‘The LGV Training Company’ will not only support you through your training, but we will then support you in finding employment as well. Over the years within the HGV / LGV Industry we have learnt different ways & found out what works best for […]

A Guide to Passing Your Lorry Test

A Guide to Passing Your Lorry Test When registering with The LGV Training Company, you will be assigned a dedicated Training Advisor who will help you with the process from start to finish. They will be there if you need to ask questions or even just for a chat! The licence categories can be a […]

What’s the difference between a LGV and HGV licence?

    If you are looking into getting your LGV or HGV licence it is likely you have come across the various different terms used in the industry that refers to gaining your lorry licence. For new drivers entering into the industry, the terminology can become somewhat of a minefield and many are left wondering […]

Get your Lorry Licence

Acquiring a lorry licence can sometimes be a daunting process and as such our dedicated training teams are on hand to guide you through the process from start to finish. Once you have registered with us your Training Advisor will send you out a comprehensive step-by-step process tailored to your training process so that you […]