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Once you have passed your test with us; LGV RECRUITMENT

Once you have passed your test with us;

As a company ‘The LGV Training Company’ will not only support you through your training, but we will then support you in finding employment as well. Over the years within the HGV / LGV Industry we have learnt different ways & found out what works best for newly qualified drivers in helping them to find that first job.

A couple of questions to ask yourself;

  1. Do you have a full HGV / LGV Licence valid in the UK?
  2. Have you completed your full CPC, whether it be initial CPC or periodic CPC?
  3. Have you completed all training with The LGV Training Company?
  4. Have you decided what sort of work you will be looking for?

If the answer to all of the above questions is yes, then you will be passed over to our specialist recruitment department that will then re-write / build you an LGV / HGV related CV in the best way that they can. Once this has been updated they will then build up a job profile for you which will include – what hours you would like to work (legally you can only drive 48 hours per week), if you would like to work nights, days or weekends. If you would like to drive abroad & stay overnight, the sort of company you would like to work for (refrigeration, builder’s merchants, general haulage etc.…) we will then use our database to help find potential options & send the details your way.

The Road Haulage Association Chief Executive Richard Burnett has said this, ‘“Ours is an industry  with an ageing workforce. With 45 thousand HGV drivers due to retire in the next two years,  and more set to leave for medical reasons or  because they have jobs elsewhere, it’s clear that unless Government recognises and addresses this critical issue, the economic growth will slow down dramatically. Ours is an industry that has ridden the financial storm – 2013 saw  the first increase in HGV numbers on UK roads since 2007. Despite this increase, we estimate that we are currently 40 thousand drivers short. Do the maths – there are simply not enough drivers to keep the economy moving.’

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