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Get your Lorry Licence

Acquiring a lorry licence can sometimes be a daunting process and as such our dedicated training teams are on hand to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Once you have registered with us your Training Advisor will send you out a comprehensive step-by-step process tailored to your training process so that you understand the forms that need to complete and how the process works.

We have put together this guide to explain each of the steps in the training process and to detail the ways in which The LGV Training Company will help you gain your licence.

Attending your driver medical

The first step in your licence acquisition is to complete a basic driver medical with a registered Doctor. You are able to arrange your medical with your registered Doctor or alternatively we can put you in touch with our medical provider who can offer medicals at £48, which is usually a lot cheaper than most Doctors surgeries!

The medicals themselves only last about 15 minutes and during this time you will have your weight, height checked and will be asked some basic questions on your general health and wellbeing. If you are due and eye test we always recommend you book this in for before your medical to ensure you are able to tell your Doctor your updated prescription. Once you have completed your medical the Doctor will give you back your signed D4 form ready to post off to the DVLA.

If you would like to get your medical booked in today please call us on 0800 0744007 to speak to one of our friendly Advisors.

Applying for your provisional

Filling out the D2 form to apply for your provisional licence looks like a very complicated task as the form does ask for quite a bit of information but trust us the form is actually very simple! The most important step in filling out your form is to ensure you tick the correct box for the provisional entitlement you want to apply for.

The terms for referencing HGV licences are used interchangeably so to make sure you are ticking the right box here is a list of them:

    • 7.5 Tonne = C1
    • 7.5 Tonne & Trailer = C1 + E
    • Class 2 = Cat C

You cannot apply for a C+E licence as this provisional entitlement is only given to those who have successfully passed a Cat C test. This provisional entitlement is automatically loaded on to your licence.

The key in completing your form is to make sure you follow the sections by number and if the section references a note on the back two pages make sure you read that note before filling it in as that section may not relate to you!

Once you have filled your D4 form in you will need to ensure you have everything together ready to send off to the DVLA. Don’t forget to include your current photo card licence and paper counterpart as if this is left out your application will be sent back to you without being processed.

If you are having difficulties filling in your form don’t panic! Our teams are on hand to assist you in completing your forms to ensure you get it right the first time so if you don’t know what to put where give us a call! That is what we are here for! To speak to one of our advisors about filling in your application form please call us on 0800 0744007 or request a call back.

Revising for your HGV theory test

Once you are registered with The LGV Training Company you will be set up with a unique username and password to access your revision material. To register with us and to obtain your log in details please contact us on 0800 0744007 or request a call back.

Gone are the days of having to lug books around with you to cram that extra five minutes of revision in before starting work or taking the kids out for the day. We appreciate you are busy people and as such we are able to offer you a fully interactive learning revision site which can be used not only on your PC but also on any smart phone meaning you can revise wherever you want!

Not all of us are good at revision and as such this software has been created to suit trainees of all learning abilities to ensure everyone receives the same revision experience but tailored to their individual requirements.

When you log in to the site you will be welcomed by ‘Professor Theory’ who is on hand to ensure you cover all of the topics you need to in order to be up to a passable standard. The recommended way for using the site is to revise the learning topics and then go on to the mock tests, however, if you fancy testing your knowledge before you revise you can do that too! However you choose to approach your revision is up to you, this is your revision and you must do it in the best way for you!

The revision site works on a traffic light system starting off at red. Once you have completed some mock tests and have revised some of the learning topics you will then start to see the progress bars change from red to amber to green. When you are in the green area you are ready to call us to book in your theory test!

Sitting your HGV theory test

All theory tests are sat at dedicated Pearson Professional Centres local to you. The theory tests themselves will look much like the revision material you have been using and will be completed on a computer.  The LGV theory test consists of two parts; the Multiple Choice Test and the Hazard Perception Test.

The Multiple Choice Test consists of 100 questions. . In order to pass the Multiple Choice test you are required to get at least 85 out of 100.  The Multiple Choice test will ask you a series of questions relating to the topics you have been revising and will require you to select your answers from the options available to you. You will have 75 minutes to complete this test so ensure you take your time and if there is time to spare at the end click back through your answers to review them before submitting!

The Hazard Perception consists of 19 clips., to pass the Hazard Perception you are expected to get a pass mark of at least 67 out of 100. The Hazard Perception acts to test your responsiveness when out on the road to potential and developing hazards. You will be shown a clip and will be required to click 1) when you first see the hazard 2) If the hazard develops and 3) when you have passed the hazard. It is important you use your revision to practice for this test and are focused when you sit the test as something you may not regard as a hazard could potentially catch you out.

Once you have passed your theory test give us a call and we will get your practical training dates arranged immediately!

Attending your practical training & test

At The LGV Training Company we have a dedicated booking team who will be on hand to request your training dates as soon as you have successfully passed your theory test.  All you need to do is inform our Advisors of your availability and they will find suitable dates at a local location to you. Once you have confirmed you are happy with the dates we will then get you booked in and provide you with your booking confirmation and instruction so you know where you need to go and what you need to take with you.

On your first day of LGV training make sure you arrive to your course in good time to get registered. Your first session with your Instructor will be familiarisation training with the vehicle, showing you around the truck, showing you the on board controls and getting you settled in to your new surroundings.

It is quite normal for you to feel nervous on your first day of training but the best tip we can give you is to take it in your stride. Your first day will require you to take a lot of information on board so we highly recommend an early night the day before and a good breakfast to start the day off. We know this sounds like common sense but trust us, tiredness and hunger can affect your ability to concentrate. Plus who doesn’t want an excuse to have a full English or a bacon butty?

Your Instructor will have vast experience of dealing with trainees of all varying levels of driving experience and learning abilities so don’t worry if you have had no experience in a larger vehicle. The majority of our trainees are drivers applying for a new licence and most of them have never driven larger vehicles either so rest assured you are not alone and you will be in safe hands. Everyone’s training experience is important to us and our Instructors and as such our training methods can be adapted to suit all individuals.

After your familiarisation training you will be taken out by the Instructor on to the open road to get yourself used to the way the vehicle handles and the size. Once you are comfortable and feel ready our Instructor will then allow you to take over.

As your training week progresses you will cover all aspects of the syllabus including; carrying out safety checks, reversing and all other necessary driving techniques for larger vehicles at the end of your training week you will be ready to sit your practical test.

Once you have passed

Once you have passed your test our dedicated Recruitment Team will be on hand to help you gain successful employment. We provide our recruitment service as a complimentary service to anyone who books their course through us. Once you are registered to the service we will send you a recruitment pack which will include CV/Cover letter writing tips and techniques, interview tips and techniques, up to date newspapers so that you can keep up to date with what is going on in the logistics industry and a CV completion form.

We can create a CV for you geared towards your new career path and we will create cover letters for you to send off with your job applications. We will also provide you with a tailored hgv job search and will send you weekly bulletins of any new jobs in your area that match your requirements.

We like to look after our candidates throughout the process and long in to their new careers so even if once you have gained successful employment you need help from us just give us a call and we will be happy to help you!

To register your interest in booking an LGV training course with us please click here to request a call back.

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