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Young drivers coming into the industry;

A common question asked by many of our younger drivers is, ”am I old enough to work as an HGV driver?”

…The simple answer to this is YES.

Over the past few years of training we have achieved the goals of under 21 year olds throughout the UK & will continue to support anyone looking to become an LGV/HGV driver whether it be for employment or personal use.

HGV is a good option mainly for the employment possibilities & the massive shortage currently within our industry.

It came as both the FTA and RHA welcomed the news that the Transport Committee is to hold an investigation into skills in the road haulage industry, which will look at what the government has done to tackle the driver shortage.

RHA director of policy Jack Semple said he believed there were still many obstacles, especially after the “shambles” of the Trailblazer apprenticeship, which was rejected for government funding last month.

Some of you may remember but on the 10th of September 2009 the age limit to become an LGV/HGV driver was dropped for 21 to 18. Shortly after they also changed the rulings with diabetics & driving. Previously, you weren’t allowed to apply for any HGV licence. Now they will access each situation & potentially even as a type 1 diabetic you can still drive an HGV/LGV. All changed to help with the driver shortage.

Not all but a lot of companies back the idea of bringing young drivers into the industry as it is a very stable career that has a lot of potential to earn a good salary. ADR (Tanker Drivers) earn up to £47,500 a year. So long term it has great potential.

So, If you like the idea of being your own boss, listening to your favorite radio station & fancy getting in to a new career with massive potential give us a call for more info.

Thanks Ed

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