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Why Should You Train As An HGV Driver In 2020?

There is no denying that 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. With lockdown starting in February, we now have only a few months left before we will be waving goodbye to the year, and hoping that next year will be better.

If you’ve struggled with work due to Covid-19, you might be worrying about how to find new work, and if anyone is even hiring in the current climate. Thankfully, if you have a driver’s license, then there is a really easy career, with plenty of job opportunities, just waiting for you. And that’s being a HGV driver. And if you’re not sure, here are 4 reasons why you should consider training as an HGV driver.


An Abundance of Jobs

While a lot of industries have been flooded with redundancies, leaving a lot of people and not enough jobs to go around, it’s completely the opposite in the world of HGV drivers. There has been a shortage of qualified HGV drivers over the last few years, and its only getting worse, so if you’re looking for work this is a great way to get back into the workforce. Training as a HGV driver can get you back in work in as little as a month, and you will never find yourself struggling for work with a HGV driver in your pocket.


Great Salary Prospects

Being an HGV driver is a highly skilled job, and so the salaries often reflect that. Since it requires specialist skills and training (and more depending on what kind of licence you hold), you can demand a decent salary for your service. In general, a HGV driver with their standard licenses can earn up to £32K per year, with any extra, more specialist licenses you hold adding on to that salary. We do also expect the average HGV driver salary to grow over the next few years, thanks to the increase in online purchases as digital shopping gets more popular.


Job Security

We’ve already mentioned that qualified HGV drivers are in high demand, and the good news is they always will be. The logistics industry is a cornerstone of the UK economy, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. So as long as there are shops operating and customers ordering, there will be a need for HGV drivers. This means unlike most other jobs, being an HGV driver is a bulletproof career choice, and you won’t find better job security anywhere. You never need to worry about being made redundant when you hold an HGV licence – and that’s always nice!


Transferable Skills

Even if you want a job in an industry that isn’t strictly logistics, holding an HGV license can still give you a great set of transferrable skills. Once you have trained and achieved your HGV license, you can easily find work somewhere else. Some of the transferrable skills you might learn from your HGV training include approachability, spatial awareness, logistical planning, heavy lifting and packing, improved driving skills and more.


At The LGV Training Company, we work closely with aspiring HGV drivers to ensure they have all the help and support they need in their journey to becoming a qualified driver. We can help you understand what licence you want to earn, run your training and support you through the testing process. And after all that, we can help you find a job in the industry as well.

If you would like to find out more, just get in touch with us today.

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