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What are the Prospects for LGV/HGV Driver Jobs?

Throughout the economy in the UK, and indeed the world, the jobs market is struggling in almost every sector and industry. As demand declines and unemployment remains high, it is harder than ever to stand out from the crowd in this increasingly competitive environment. However, when you qualify as an LGV or HGV driver with the LGV and HGV training we can offer here at The LGV Training Company you will be moving into a thriving industry.

You’re in Demand!

The current problems with unemployment aren’t caused by a lack of skills but by a shortage of demand – but this isn’t a problem in our industry. There are in excess of 30,000 vacancies for LGV and HGV drivers, and one of them has got your name on it.

Companies may be making cutbacks in all areas of their business but they will always require the transportation of goods, and it is for this reason that the haulage industry continues to do so well.

Fantastic Pay Available

If your perception of LGV and HGV training is that it’s a low paying profession with poor prospects then think again, as the salaries that are available are extremely competitive and reflective of the hard work that is involved. After you have qualified as a driver with our training program then you will be on the road to a career that could earn you up to £30k per year.

Superior Job Security

Up and down the UK at the moment people are fearing for their jobs, and yet again this is an area where haulage trumps the rest of the economy. HGV and LGV driving provides some of the highest levels of job security, so you can rest assured that once you’re in the door you’re there for the long haul.

So if the idea of all these benefits sounds like your idea of a great career, begin your four or five day HGV training course today and call us on 0800 0744 007, alternatively you can register for more information here.

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