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Volvo Trucks’ stunt is a big hit on Youtube

A young woman walks a slackline between two Volvo trucks driving at full speed: not even in Hollywood has this stunt ever been attempted. Now the film about the stunt is a massive success on YouTube and within nine days, more than 3.8 million people have seen the film.

The woman on the line is American slackliner Faith Dickey. She is the world record-holder in highlining, a young sport which is all about walking on a line as high and far as possible.

“I’m used to heights, long lines and lines that sway in the wind, but those lines are firmly anchored to cliff-faces. Walking a line attached to two moving points is something quite different,” says Faith.

When the Hollywood team behind the film first heard the idea they were dumbstruck.

“And here was I thinking that every imaginable stunt had already been done. The fact is that nobody has ever before walked a line between two moving trucks. It felt like an enormous challenge, and it’s challenges that get me going,” says Peter Pedrero, who normally works with stunts in films such as James Bond, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean..


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