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Truck registrations for the year now ahead of 2012’s running total

Total truck registrations finally surpassed 2012’s year-to-date total last month, the latest data from the Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders (SMMT) has revealed.

Truck registrations over 6-tonnes in September 2013 stood at 29,268 for the year-to-date. This is 3% ahead of the 28,413 registrations at this point in 2012.

With the Euro-6 deadline this January,  truck manufacturers originally forecast that registrations would be up around 8% to 10% in total for the full year compared with 2012. However, as recently as August 2013’s year-to-date total had been trailing 2012’s

In a statement, the SMMT attributed September’s performance to “greater confidence and impending Euro- legislation producing a strong recovery in truck volumes”.

Last month, registrations of tractive units were 41% ahead of September 2012 at 2,732. There were 2,563 rigids (6-tonne and above) registered too, which was 22% ahead of the 2,003 registered in September 2012.

Van registrations for September 2013 were 10.3% ahead of last year at 43,066. They stand at 205,004 for the year-to-date, 9.6% ahead of this point in 2012.

For more see Commercial Motor magazine next week (10 October).

Picture caption: Scania’s Euro-6 Streamline is now available, but the majority of trucks registered this year from the major manufacturers will be Euro-5.

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