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The world’s most powerful trucks

Boasting power outputs that would embarrass a supercar, the world’s most powerful trucks are impressive feats of engineering. With enormous engines, they’re sure to put a smile on any trucker’s face. In recent years, two such monsters have taken the transport world by storm – the Volvo FH16 750 and the Scania R 730. Putting out 750 and 730 horsepower respectively, they are the undisputed kings of haulage.

Raw Pulling Power

It doesn’t end there though – it’s the torque figures that are truly spectacular. While the horsepower gives an indication of the power under the bonnet, the twisting force produced by these engines is incredible. Both manage over 3500Nm, making light work of all but the heaviest loads. To put this into perspective, these trucks have over three times the pulling power of a Bugatti Veyron.

But why would anyone want this kind of power from a truck? There are several reasons you might want more power:

  • Load capability – It’s simple really, the more power you have, the heavier the load you can comfortably transport. Even huge construction vehicles can be swiftly moved from site to site.
  • Speed – Massive power means crawling up hills with a queue behind you is a thing of the past. Being able to safely maintain a higher average speed can only be a good thing.
  • Comfort – Driving an enormous truck can be tiring work, but all that power makes journeys require that little bit less effort. The Scania V8 especially, is known for its smooth responsiveness.

The battle for the title of most powerful truck has been fought between the two Swedish companies for several years now. Who can blame them? Surely any truck company would love to hold the title. Initially it was Volvo who upped the game, introducing their FH16 700 in 2009. It was met with critical acclaim, but its dominance didn’t last long. Not wanting to be outdone, Scania unveiled their R 730 a year later. Unsurprisingly, a year after that, Volvo increased the horsepower of the FH16 to 750, and they currently sit at the top of the table.

Is this back and forth trend going to continue? Quite possibly – there are rumours and a few stunning concept images of a Scania R 1000. Details are less than sketchy, but we could well be seeing a 1000hp truck in the near future.

The Price of Power

Does all of this power come at a cost? Yes and no. These super-trucks obviously have a performance priority, so they’re not the most economical you can buy, but they’re not nearly as bad as you might think. The FH16 750 for instance, has the same fuel economy and lower emissions than its 660hp relative. And both trucks are well known for their impressive reliability and durability. Once you get past the hefty price tag, these beasts are the best trucks money can buy.

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