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The LGV Training Company Highlights Thriving HGV Industry Amidst Growth Opportunities

The HGV industry is currently experiencing a surge in growth and presents a multitude of opportunities for prospective drivers. Recent statistics from a comprehensive study conducted by the Logistics UK demonstrate positive trends and highlight the numerous advantages of pursuing a career in HGV driving.


The study reveals a significant increase in practical HGV tests conducted in the first quarter of 2022, showcasing a 43% rise compared to the same period in 2019. March 2022 witnessed an exceptional achievement with a record-breaking 10,481 tests undertaken, resulting in an impressive 60% pass rate. Alongside these encouraging figures, HGV driver wages have also witnessed a substantial increase. Advertised salaries for drivers qualified to handle the heaviest vehicles rose by an average of 25% in Q1 2022 compared to the previous year. This rise in wages aims to attract new drivers and retain existing staff, highlighting the industry’s commitment to growth and professionalism.


Tom Mcghie, Managing Director of The LGV Training Company, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The HGV driving profession provides an outstanding opportunity for individuals seeking a fulfilling and prosperous career. With the industry experiencing steady growth and an increased demand for qualified drivers, now is the perfect time to enter this dynamic field. HGV driving offers job security, competitive wages, and a diverse range of opportunities to contribute meaningfully to the economy.”

Despite the ongoing shortage of drivers, the industry is demonstrating a positive trajectory, making it an attractive option for those considering a career change or new job prospects. The LGV Training Company encourages individuals to explore HGV training, which offers stability, attractive salaries, and the chance to contribute to essential sectors such as food supply, fuel transportation, and medical logistics.

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