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The Key Benefits of an HGV Driving Career in 2023

Driving an HGV can be a lucrative, fast-paced, and exciting career for anyone with a taste for being
behind the wheel. If you’re tired of sitting in an office chair, being micro-managed by your boss, or
rarely getting to spend any time outdoors, then an HGV job could be just what you’re looking for.

The good news is there are endless opportunities out there for potential drivers, with the HGV driver
shortage still at chronic levels around the country. Of course, before you’re ready to dive in and start
exploring your options, you might want to spend some more time looking at the key benefits of HGV
driving, and what this career can offer you.

Here are just some of the major advantages you can expect with an HGV driving job.

1. Access to Endless Job Opportunities

The nationwide shortage of HGV drivers means once you’ve got your licence, you shouldn’t have any
problem finding a great job. There are plenty of great opportunities out there for all kinds of drivers.
Depending on the licence you choose, you’ll be able to operate a range of different vehicles in unique
environments, on both long and short-haul trips.

You may even be able to explore different types of job opportunities too. For instance, you could
work as a freelancer, or take on a contract for a major firm. Some companies even allow their HGV
drivers to work flexible schedules to fit around their home and family lives.

2. Excellent Security and Pay

Once you pass all the tests associated with becoming a HGV driver, you should never have a problem
finding a great role again. The country will always need people who are capable of driving larger
vehicles with complex loads. Even in a world where automation and self-driving vehicles might
someday arrive in the market, you shouldn’t have to worry about not having a job.

At the same time, because your role is so valuable, you should also be able to look forward to a pretty
competitive salary. Some HGV drivers are earning anywhere up to £32k a year in entry-level roles,
thanks to the shortage of skilled professionals in the market today.

3. More Variety in Your Job

Though office jobs can be fine for some, adventurous people often find them boring and repetitive,
because you do the same thing every day. Despite what some people think, HGV driving is far from a
boring job. It gives you endless variety by allowing you to experiment with different vehicles, and
drive different routes depending on your role.

You can be the person responsible for stocking supermarkets with crucial food to feed the nation, or
you could help with transporting petrol and oil around the country. You might even find yourself
traveling to specific locations with crucial pieces of technology for science and medical teams.

4. Greater Freedom

Whether you choose to be your own boss as an HGV driver, or you work for a company, you can
definitely expect a higher level of freedom in your role. Since you’ll be spending a lot of your time
sitting behind the wheel of your truck or lorry, you won’t have to worry about constantly having a
manager looking over your shoulder – though you will need to regularly report back.

You can have more freedom to enjoy your solitude, explore the world, or just your local city, and
relax when you’re working. Of course, that doesn’t mean HGV driving is boring, you’ll still be
constantly facing a new range of challenges every day, to keep you on your toes.

5. See More of the World

You don’t have to be a travel blogger or tourist agent to travel the world these days. Becoming an
HGV driver can also be a great way to soothe your adventurous spirit. Depending on the job you take
on, you’ll be responsible for travelling to a range of different locations, both within the UK, and
maybe even outside of it too.

You’ll have endless opportunities to soak up the sights most people don’t get a chance to see, and
interact with people from all over the country, and the world. It’s a great chance to expand your
horizons, and make some great memories while you’re at work.

6. You’ll Have a Fulfilling Career

Being an HGV driver doesn’t just mean hauling equipment from one location to another. In this role,
you’ll have the pleasure of knowing you’re contributing to the UK economy, and the growth and
sustainability of the country overall. The country relies on HGV drivers to transport crucial medial
equipment, fuel, and food to locations nationwide.

Without HGV drivers, we wouldn’t have fully stocked supermarket shelves, concerts, or the crucial
technology we need to keep the world running. If you’re looking for a career with real meaning and
value, then HGV driving could be ideal for you.

7. Getting Started is Simple

One of the best things about being an HGV driver, is you don’t need any specialist degrees to get
started. All you need is to be over the age of 18 and have a valid driver’s licence. From there, you’re
free to start your HGV training with an accredited provider, so you can get the right licence and
qualifications for the trucks you want to drive.

With the LGV training company, you don’t just get support passing your exams and planning for your
theory test, you’ll also get assistance every step of the way towards your new career. We can even
help you with finding your first job.

Want to Get Started with HGV Driving?

As you can see, there are countless benefits to becoming an HGV driver right now. From a high wage
to excellent job security and freedom, HGV driving has endless great opportunities to offer anyone
with the right attitude and ambition.
If you want to discover the benefits of HGV driving for yourself, you can start your training with the
LGV Training company today. We’ll ensure you have all the guidance you need to accelerate your
transition into a brand-new career.

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