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RHA Membership: What Does It Mean For Your Training?

When choosing a company for your HGV driver training it can be difficult to know where to start. There are so many people promising the best training at the best prices so how do you know which company will actually deliver?

Here at The LGV Training Company we understand that getting started can often be the most difficult part of your training but don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Checking Accreditations

Before you do anything, you should always check that your HGV training company has the necessary accreditations and is a member of the relevant associations. It’s not easy to become and remain members of associations such as the RHA and you can rest assured that registered companies will adhere to the strict membership rules.

At The LGV Training Company we are, of course, a member of the RHA. In fact, we’re Silver Associate Members.

RHA: Road Haulage Association

Rather than explain exactly what being a member of the RHA means, we’ll let the RHA membership guidelines do the talking. In order to become and remain a member of the RHA we must:
• Uphold the aims and reputation of the Association
• Act with integrity and honesty in all business dealings
• Deal fairly with customers and business colleagues
• Conduct business promptly, diligently and with due care and skill
• Respect confidentiality in all business dealings
• Provide such details to the RHA as may reasonably be required to enable the code to be enforced.
As an RHA member, at The LGV Training Company we abide by all membership rules and offer only the very best HGV driver training. Our years of experience and extremely talented trainers will support you through every step of your training to ensure you become a safe driver and get the best possible start in your new career.

If you would like more information about our training services please visit our website; you’ll find everything from information on training packages to our customer reviews!

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