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Professional drivers support new smoking ban

Three-quarters of professional drivers support a ban on smoking in cars carrying children, a survey shows. On February 10, MPs voted overwhelmingly in favour – 376 for, 107 against. A ban is likely to come into force in England before the next general election.

The TrackCompare poll, held during the week leading up to the Commons vote, asked: Do you support the plan to ban smoking in cars carrying children?

Seventy-five per cent said yes, 25 per cent said no.

Kjell Anderton, a TrackCompare director, commented: “While difficult to enforce a ban sets the right example: the protection of children must be paramount. Furthermore, smoking while driving is distracting and should be discouraged.

“Broadly speaking the results are what we expected.”

The government now has powers to introduce a new offence of exposing children to smoke in vehicles, with breaches of the law likely to incur a small fine. The Welsh government will make a separate decision about what happens in Wales.

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