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Maritime Transport pays out £100,000 in driver bonuses

This article originally appeared on roadtransport.com.  See the full story here http://www.commercialmotor.com/latest-news/maritime-transport-pays-out-%C2%A3100-000-in-driver-bonuses

Drivers at Maritime Transport are to receive bonuses totalling some £100,000 as the operator pays out its third round of driver incentives in a row.

Over the last three years, drivers at the Felixstowe-headquartered firm have received safety bonus payments totalling some £250,000. Top drivers at Maritime will get an additional £600 in their December pay packets, in time for Christmas.

The operator will also issue some £30,000 in fuel bonus. Maritime introduced a fuel bonus scheme in 2006 and a safety bonus in 2007  rewarding drivers with the highest levels of fuel economy and safety.

John Williams, MD of Maritime, says: “These have been three tough years, so it is something for a company to write out a cheque. The company did not have to do this but we should, because our employees need to be part of what we are doing .”

Maritime drivers, according to Williams, have developed a deep understanding of the whole life cycle of the vehicles in Maritime’s fleet.

“We buy the biggest horsepower with the biggest cabs and we know we need to sell them in three years time. Our drivers understand this.”

Maritime has also seen a fall in its insurance premium levels as a result of the behaviour of its drivers, and part of the bonus is passing on this cost-saving.

Business development director Andrew McNab says: “We are handling in excess of 8,000 movements a week. It is a very intense, performance-driven operation and it is crucial that we do things safely and efficiently. Our low no claims record is now highly respected by the insurance market.”

“Over the last 10 years, with the support of our drivers, we have created a culture which has enabled us to become one of the best performing transport operators in the UK,” Williams adds.

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