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MACK: The many axles of milk transportation

When it comes to milk hauling, Gary “Mr Mack” Richards doesn’t know of any other place in the world (state, county or country!!) where bulk really means BULK like it does in the two major dairy states of the USA – Wisconsin and Minnesota.

As you can see, the “milk containers” come with either 5 or 7 axles !!

For the pic GU MILK trucks: the “small” hauler is a 2013 MACK Granite set up for WISCONSIN. With its MP8 505 H.P, 18speed trans and a 6000 gallon (24000 litre) tank, it has a legal payload of 75,000lbs (34 tonne!!) – that mighty Mack Milker has emptied a lot of cows and certainly has the motivation to get that moo juice to market !!

The seven axle 2013 MACK Granite is set up for collection work in more remote MINNESOTA. It is hauling 80000lbs (36 tonne) of milk and tank!!… but its MP8 445 H.P and MACK T318 TRANS will be the job done.
Seven axle on the ground means a legal GVM of 100,400 lbs…45 tonne !!… need a sturdy back to carry that, especially on farm roads !!

and it’s not just milk that comes in bulk !!

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