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Life As An HGV Driver

If you’re looking for a new career that offers you freedom and independence HGV driver training could be the perfect next step for you. HGV work is rewarding and comes with a host of benefits that could change your life for the better, there’s fantastic demand for qualified drivers in Britain who are itching to take on the open road, so what can you expect from a bright new career?

Looking To Avoid The 9-5?

As an HGV driver you’re in control of your working day, you can spend your days travelling up and down the country rather than watching the clock from behind a desk.

Want To Choose The Hours That Work For You?

Unlike many industries road transport is a 24/7 business giving you the freedom to plan your shift patterns around your family life and commitments, choose days or nights, weekends or weekdays, whatever is right for you.

Seeking Job Security And Earning Potential?

There’s always work available for qualified and reliable drivers so if you build up a reputation for sticking to schedules and meeting expectations you won’t be left wanting for work. The average salary of an HGV driver is around £23,500 but different industries offer different earning potential, petrol tanker drivers can find themselves earning in excess of £40,000 annually.

Get Out From Behind Your Desk And See The World

UK HGV licences are recognised the world over so if you want to get out of the UK and head abroad you can take your career with you. You don’t even have to uproot and make a permanent move to the sun, the licence gives you the opportunity to drive through the continent so you can travel from Blackpool to Berlin or Lincoln to Luxembourg.

Undertaking HGV driver training couldn’t be easier with The LGV Training Company. We offer fantastic and professional training in this ever growing industry so if you’re looking to start life as an HGV driver you’re in the right place, for more information on our training programmes get in touch today on 0800 0744 007 and speak to an experienced member of our team.

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