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Kent Police use undercover lorry to catch law breakers

Police have been driving around Kent in an unmarked lorry looking for lorry drivers breaking the law.

Officers issued £11,000 of fixed penalty notices during the two-week operation.

Most of the 181 drivers fined were caught not wearing seatbelts or using mobile phones.

In the past, truckers have been caught in Kent watching DVDs, using laptops and cooking a meal while behind the wheel.

‘Devastating consequences’

Insp Paul Sellwood said the degree of offending was higher than he had expected.

He said: “Most of the offences committed distract drivers, and when those drivers are in charge of large and powerful LGVs the consequences to other motorists, as well as themselves, can be a lot more devastating than in a smaller vehicle.

“For instance, when a heavy vehicle hits a stationary car on the hard shoulder or in a tailback the consequences are quite often fatal.”

Police said drivers were also fined for eating, drinking, steering with their knees and reading a map while driving.

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