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Week 14, 2015 of Jamie’s Blog.

Thanks for the intro Ed!

This week we are looking at the vast amount of work available to the different types of LGV/HGV drivers in this industry.

As Ed stated last week we take great care in your recruitment needs after signing up with The LGV Training Company. As previously stated by the Road Haulage Association there are currently around 45,000 vacancies in this industry and in this blog we will be looking at the different types of work available and what you can expect to earn from these jobs.

Category C & C+E

The Typical HGV work apart from the obvious driving will include;

  • Planning delivery route and schedules with Transport manager.
  • Supervising or helping loading and unloading.
  • Making sure loads are secure.
  • Following traffic reports and changing route if necessary.

The Average Salary

Average salaries for the Category C are up to £25,000 per year and up to £30,000 for the C+E so you never have to worry about being stuck on the same money with no progression. You can also go up to the ADR petrol tankers where the salaries are much higher.

Overtime will obviously increase these salaries and there are for a guideline only.

Below is a real vacancy taken from a government website;  HGV Job Vacancy

Different types of HGV Jobs


HGV Shift Work – HGV shift work will mainly be on a 9-5 Monday to Friday routine and is what most new drivers will start on.

4 on 4 off LGV work – This is probably the most popular of the HGV/LGV job types, The driver will do 4 days in a row doing the hours agreed with the Transport Manager. Driver will then have 4 days off and then go onto nights.

Long Haul HGV – Long Haul HGV is where the driver’s drops are a fair distance apart and you will obviously do fewer drops over the day. Some drops being a 3-4 hour drive away.

Short Haul HGV – Short Haul HGV work is a more drops across a smaller area but not as much as a multi drop driver. You’ll be doing a lot of driving but in a designated area agreed with the Transport Manager.

Multi Drop LGV – Multi Drop LGV is mainly done in 7.5 tonne vehicles and won’t be too far from home. You’ll probably be doing around 65 drops a day.

Single Drop LGV – Single Drop LGV is one big delivery which will be unloaded more than likely by a driver’s mate or warehouse operatives, all while you’re sitting down and having a cup of tea with your favourite biscuits.

Continental HGV Work – Continental HGV Work is much like the 4 on 4 off work but takes place across Europe.

 ADR work – ADR work is the large Tankers transporting hazardous chemicals such as petrol, liquid nitrogen and anything deemed no too good for the environment.

Finally…To work in the LGV industry – Intro to next week.

After completing your LGV/HGV course, you will need to complete a Certificate of Professional Competence.

Ed will be going into more detail about this next week!

Email us at info@thelgvtrainingcompany.co.uk if there is anything you want us to cover.

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