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Industry reveals growing appetite for apprentices

Road transport businesses in England showed an appetite for apprentices last year with the latest available figures recording a 29% leap, Skills for Logistics (SfL) has revealed.

This week is National Apprenticeship Week (11 to 15 March), and official data for England shows a total of 15,670 logistics-related apprenticeships were begun in the 2011/12 period. This compares with 12,710 for 2010/2011.

Mick Jackson, chief executive of SfL, said: “This significant increase is great news for the logistics sector because it clearly demonstrates that we are successfully attracting greater numbers of younger people into our industry.”

More than 90% of apprenticeship certificates are given out for Driving Goods Vehicles and Warehousing [there are nine related apprenticeship routes available, see box for full list].

To date, in England 29,045 intermediate certificates and 4,129 advanced certificates have been issued. The figure for starts/completions is slightly skewed as different apprenticeships will have differing durations and therefore different start and finish dates.

A recent online poll by CM found nearly a quarter of drivers weren’t planning to complete their mandatory Driver CPC hours by the September 2014 deadline, suggesting attracting young talent into the industry has never been more important.

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