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How Long Does LGV Driver Training Take?

During our early school lives very few of us will give consideration to our future career paths. However the further we go in the education system the more important these decisions become, especially as they’ll help us choose which paths to take. Whilst many will opt for the university route, there are other options for those who aren’t as educationally focused, such as becoming an LGV driver after undergoing significant LGV training with our team here at The LGV Training Company.

Wherever you’re based within the UK you’ll never be too far from one of our thirty-five driving centres, where you’ll be taught all the skills you require to become a successful LGV driver. Along with teaching you the skills required to become an LGV driver, our instructors are able to pass on their knowledge, which is built up through years of experience within the haulage industry. All of this combined could see you start your new career path with potential earnings of £25,000 per year.

Becoming an LGV driver couldn’t be easier and how long it takes will depend solely on yourself and your personal circumstances. But to help you undertake your training in the shortest time possible, we recommended following the five steps below.

1)    Sign up for our course, this can be done by calling 0800 0744007 or by clicking the “register” tab on our website. Once you’re registered we’ll send you a training pack which contains all the information you’ll need for your theory
2)    Take the “drivers medical test”. This isn’t as scary as it sounds – in fact it’s only a 5 minute health check
3)    With the health check passed and your provisional licence in your pocket you can begin revising for your theory test, before sitting it (and of course passing with flying colours)
4)    With the theory passed, call your training co-ordinator and confirm a date for your training to begin
5)    Begin training with hands on instruction from our experienced team

By booking your LGV training through us here at The LGV Training Company and following the five steps above, there is no reason why you cannot be starting your new career within the haulage industry before Christmas, and who knows – this time next year you may consider to take the extra step and work towards your HGV licence too.

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