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HGV drivers are in demand as the online shopping market rapidly increases. Online shopping has become the new way to shop, whether it is food, clothes, make-up or that birthday present you have forgotten – you can get it online. It is this vast market which has seen an increased demand for HGV drivers across the UK. And with the potential of earning up to £30,000 per annum it’s not surprising that many are considering HGV driving as a future career. To help you forge a career as a HGV driver, LGV Training Company offer a high standard of HGV training courses to help you pass your HGV test.

Driving a Heavy Goods Vehicle requires a considerable amount of skill and understanding in order to be safely driven. At LGV Training Company we are DSA registered. Surprisingly this is not a legal requirement for HGV training schools to have. However, as a conscientious company aiming to deliver a quality service and training schedule, we adhere to DSA standards in order to deliver a superior level of training.

At LGV Training Company we will guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. Our training pack will include key instructions and theory booklets to help with your documentation (medical examination, licence application form) and theory test, as well as your actual HGV driving test.

For HGV drivers who pass their test, a vast range of trucks for sale are available at various dealerships across the UK. Establishing a career as a HGV driver has never been easier, and with the current deflation in the current job market, a career as a HGV driver has become an increasingly appealing prospect for many.

If you want help developing your career prospects then contact the team at LGV Training Company today. We have the skill, experience and dedication to deliver a quality LGV training or HGV training package which will assure that you become a safe and competent driver once you have passed your test. If you would like any more information from the team here at LGV Training Company then phone us on 0800 0744 007.

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