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What Do HGV Drivers Eat On The Road?

Being a long-haul HGV driver comes with a lot of challenges. From being able to lift and load safely, to having a good sense of direction and being able to work long, tiring hours. But one of the challenges a lot of people don’t think about is food.

If you work an office job, or any job based in one place, you will probably have regular breaks, facilities to cook meals in, places to eat, and more importantly, a home to keep all of your food for your meals fresh in. Long-haul HGV drivers don’t have any of that – they have a HGV (which may or may not have a fridge), and their wallet in order to feed themselves. So the question we’re going to answer today, is what do long-haul HGV drivers eat?


Home Made Meals

Of course the best option for most HGV drivers is home made food. Being able to plan and prep meals that can be kept in Tupperware boxes and eaten on the road is a key skill for HGV drivers, and one that long-haul drivers have perfected. Long-haul meals you’re away from home for a while, so these drivers will look at how long they are away, how long their food will last (this often depends if their overnight compartment has a fridge or not), and the facilities available along the way. They will then pre-prepare meals that will travel well and can be eaten hot or cold, in case they stumble across a service station without a microwave. Home made meals mean they can still eat healthy meals as much as possible, and save their wallets the pain of…


Fast Food / Service Station Food

Much as we don’t like to admit it, fast food is a part of the long-haul HGV drivers diet. But since they can’t pull the HGV up to the McDonalds drive thru, this is mainly limited to the foot court options at service stations. These are always open, convenient, and you can usually find relatively healthy meal options at any time of day. And since HGV drivers take breaks at all sorts of strange times, the availability is essential. HGV drivers, especially those on long-haul trips, will often see the inside of a service station more than their own home, so these are the best options for cheap, filling food.


Snack Foods

If you’ve ever driven a car for a long period of time, you know just how draining it can get. While you might not be doing much physical work, the mental concentration involved in long-haul driving is exhausting. But unlike someone on a road trip, HGV drivers often can’t pull over to stretch their legs every half an hour, or decide to stop for a while if they’re flagging. They have deadlines to meet, and telematics watching their every move. So having a ‘stash’ of driving friendly, on the go snacks is essential. If you go into a drivers cab, you will probably find a bag of snacks like cereal bars, bananas, biscuits and other easy to eat snacks, along with lots of bottles of water to keep them hydrated and alert.

At the LGV Training Centre, we believe that driver training is about more than just knowing how to operate a vehicle. It’s also about understanding what the life of an HGV driver is like, and what changes you will need to make to be successful. That’s why our instructors will teach you everything about being an HGV driver, from how to load a vehicle to how to make sure you’re still eating well. If you would like to know more, just get in touch with the team today for a chat.

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