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HGV Driver Vacancies Reach Over 30,000

If you’re out of work then when you hear on the news that there are fewer and fewer jobs available, it’s understandable that that would get you down. Amazingly, despite the current economic climate and businesses making cutbacks, the number of vacancies for HGV drivers has hit and now exceeds 30,000. If you love to drive and are currently looking for jobs to no avail then a career as an HGV driver could be the perfect fit. No doubt you’ll dismiss this because you don’t possess an HGV licence. Luckily, here at The LGV Training Company, that won’t be a problem for much longer. Our comprehensive HGV Training can get you into work and on the roads in no time.

Here at The LGV Training Company, we are passionate about providing you with exceptional training to help you become a competent driver and obtain your licence; we don’t simply train you to pass a test, our in-depth training is designed to ensure that you’re as safe as possible on the roads. Incredibly, it’s not compulsory for HGV training schools to meet DSA standards; however, every single one of our schools is DSA registered and meet exceptionally high standards.

When you’re out of work, it’s essential that any financial investments that you make are informed and wise. Here at The LGV Training Company, we believe that our training courses are the best investment you could make; as soon as you pass your tests and obtain your licence, you can start applying for HGV jobs immediately. We are registered with the Road Haulage Association which means that we keep up to date and comply with all EU Laws and Legislations; you can rest assured that when you train with us, you’re getting the best possible training.

If you would like more information about our training or would like to sign up, don’t hesitate to get your new career kick-started by browsing our website today or calling us on 0800 0744 007 with any enquiries or questions that you may have.

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