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HGV Driver Medicals

HGV Driver Medicals

Questions & Answers frequently asked;

Q1. Where can I get the forms for my medical (D4)?

A1. The LGV Training Company will send you all relevant forms needed for your medical. If you lose a form & are on a course with us we will re send it?

Q2. What does the medical examination consist of?

A2. During the Medical the Doctor will;

  1. Measure your blood pressure.
  2. Perform two eye tests; the first before and the second after you put on driving glasses.
  3. Test your urine for Diabetes.
  4. List on the D4 Form any medication you’re currently taking.
  5. Ask about your previous medical history.

Q3. How long does the medical take?

A3. It’s a 15 minute examination usually.

Q4. Is there anything that I need to bring to my appointment?

A4. Below is a list of the six items you will need to bring to the doctor for your driver medical assessment:

  1. A full UK Driving licence.
  2. Your driving glasses – do not wear contact lenses as these will have to be removed for the eye test.
  3. A urine sample.
  4. A list of all your current medication or bring all the medication boxes.
  5. Any hospital letters or details of hospital consultants who are treating you. We have 3 options on the medicals;http://driversmedicals.com/Any problems give us a call!


We have 3 option|s on the medicals;




Any problems give us a call!

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