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Hargreaves Logistics revealed as participant in EASI-LPG trial

Hargreaves Logistics has broken cover as one of the six operators involved in a trial of a new LPG system, dubbed EASI-LPG, that could improve mpg by as much as 15%.

Headed by Frome-based vehicle monitoring equipment supplier Btrackthe trial is being lead by fuel efficiency consultant Dr Michael Coyle.

Based on “LPG enhancement” rather than more traditional dual-fuel approach, the technique is described as being one that “enhances the combustion of the diesel and increases energy release.”

Hargreaves has now revealed itself as one of six operators that will be running vehicles utilising the technology as part of the trial.

Jay Laverick, fuel champion at Hargreaves Logistics, said: “I have had ongoing discussions with Doctor Michael Coyle for a number of years on the subject of fuel efficiency and emissions reduction and he was aware of the intense focus that Hargreaves Logistics is currently putting into these issues.

“We are thrilled to have been asked to get involved with the trial and working with Michael Coyle is always a pleasure.”

“The vehicle will continue to operate with diesel as its primary fuel, but small controlled amounts of LPG will be blended into the air supply to improve the combustion process. As the first vehicle of this type in the fleet, the simplicity of the system (a small LPG tank on the chassis) will also give us an easy introduction to the application of alternative fuels.”

Norbert Dentressangle is also part of the trial.

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