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Get a job driving an HGV for Christmas


Everyone knows that most industries have a surge in employment during the Festive Season. Every single warehouse, retail store and delivery company has to increase the ranks in order to have the extra pairs of hands needed to meet the rise in demand at Christmas.

It won’t shock to you hear that this is great news for HGV drivers. Each Christmas distribution centres and hauliers need to find good Drivers to meet their increased demand levels. Fortunately for HGV drivers this seasonal work is very likely to continue long into the new year, as recruiters struggle to find HGV drivers even in the down season due to the national HGV driver shortage.

November is the perfect time to complete your HGV training as it will allow you to take advantage of the seasonal recruitment drive, and hopefully secure a vacancy which will lead to more permenant work in the new year.

The LGV Training Company offers HGV training in just 4 days and has HGV training schools all over the UK. Wherever you live, we can find a HGV training centre to suit you. If you’d like to book, or simply find out more, please call us on 0800 0744 007 or click here to register and receive your free info pack.

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