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DVSA chops Driver CPC estimate by 75,000

DVSA has revised its estimate of the number of professional drivers it believes will need to complete the Driver CPC for the first time, chopping 75,000 from the long-standing total.

Since the Driver CPC transition began in 2008, DVSA (formerly Vosa and the DSA) has stuck with an estimate that by the ultimate 14 September deadline between 500,000 and 750,000 professional drivers will need to have completed their 35 hours of mandatory periodic training.

However, following last August’s decision to exempt the likes of mechanics taking a vehicle for test, the DVSA has now reduced this total to between 425,000 and 675,000 professionals (both LGV and PSV).

The total does not include new drivers that have entered the bus or haulage industries since 2008/09, which have to undergo initial Driver CPC along with their specific vehicle driving tests.

Newly released DVSA data shows that 333,516 drivers have now completed their periodic training ahead of the deadline, an increase of 28,192 compared with December’s 305,324.

Based on the revised estimate, it means 91,484 to 341,484 drivers need to complete their 35-hours of training within the next six calendar months.

Also, given that the Driver CPC deadline for PSV licence holders was September of last year, the expectation is that the remaining bulk coming through the system are LGV licence holders.

71,361 new drivers have also been issued with Driver Qualification Cards having completed their initial Driver CPC (December: 69,561).

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