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Drivers Going Digital


No, we don’t mean digital drivers instead of people (though that is close to happening in some cases thanks to driverless cars). In this case, we mean bringing the heavily paper-based HGV driving industry into the 21st century, kicking and screaming. You see, HGV driving is a very heavily regulated profession, with a lot of documentation and paperwork to back it up. Some of those will be more generic – like a driving license or a passport, and others will be more specific to that delivery – like picking notes, delivery notes and other security documentation. The result is often HGV cabs filled with paperwork and very overworked drivers. But thanks to the modern miracle of apps, it doesn’t have to be that way.


The DVLA’s New Licenses


Just a few months ago, back in March, the DVLA announced that they would be developing an app that allowed motorists to have a digital version of their driver’s license on their mobile phone. This digital version would be completely legal and would be available to use as early as next year. While they stated that the new digital license would not be a full replacement for the plastic one, they did expect it to become most drivers preferred license option within months of launch. This announcement came not long after the revelation that the government are working on a digital passport system, which will mean travellers don’t need to worry about losing their passport and becoming stranded. Like the new drivers’ license, the digital passport would be built for security, as well as convenience.


Why Go Digital?


Simple really – to cut down on the endless stream of paperwork. The HGV industry, in particular, is very heavily regulated in almost every way – mainly for the safety and security of everyone involved. This means that HGV drivers often have to carry dozens of long and sensitive documents with them at all times in order to be compliant with the law – or even just to be able to complete a delivery. But digital apps could mean that more HGV drivers are able to store that vital information on their phones, and not on the seats in their cabs. If we think ahead of the digital drivers license, functions like recording hours worked and rest stops – which are vital to prevent tiredness and accidents, as well as remain compliant with working hours laws – could be done in seconds, at the time, instead of in hours at the end of a week with a fuzzy head. Not only that, but the HGV industry going digital could have a hugely positive environmental impact, dramatically cutting down the paperwork printed and giving something back to the environment, besides emissions.


All of these digital documentation advances are making the job of the HGV driver much easier to manage, allowing them to focus more on driving safely and less on paperwork. It also has the benefit of being better for the environment – something the HGV industry isn’t historically very good at. But even that is changing – with Tesla announcing just this month that they have plans to produce an all-electric HGV, to be unveiled in the summer. With all of these new advantages making HGV driving a slicker, simpler process, it’s no wonder it’s become such an attractive career proposition. To take advantage and start your HGV adventure, just get in touch with us to find out more.


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