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The Driver Qualification Card (DQC)

You’ll get your DQC when you’ve completed either your initial qualification or your 35 hours of periodic training if you have a Great Britain photocard licence. It will be sent to the address on your driving licence.

If you have ‘acquired rights’

You won’t get a DQC if you have your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) through ‘acquired rights’ until you’ve done 35 hours of periodic training.

Your driving licence is proof of your Driver CPC until you’ve done this.

You don’t need to keep your licence with you, but if asked by the police, you must show it at a later date as proof of your ‘acquired rights’.

A DQC is similar in appearance to the current GB / NI driving licence.

For holders of UK photocard driving licences, the cost of the DQC is built into the cost of the initial qualification test / periodic training; therefore there will be no further charge for issue of the DQC upon completion of these.

If you drive HGV’s and PCV’s you will only require one DQC which will show all your entitlements.

You must carry your DQC with you at all times when you are driving professionally.

If your DQC has been lost, stolen or damaged, you must report it to the DVLA as soon as possible and apply for a replacement.

To find out more about how the Driver CPC works, contact The LGV Training Company on 0800 0744 007.

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