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The Driver CPC Module 2

The Driver CPC Initial Qualification consists of two parts; Module 2 and Module 4. Module 2 is the ‘Case Study’ or theory test part of the Driver CPC Initial Qualification.

Conducted at the theory test centre, the Module 2 test generally takes about 30 minutes, although you have 90 minutes available in which to complete the test. It is a computer-based exercise with questions covering 7 different subject areas, all based on real-life situations which you may encounter as a professional HGV driver. It aims to check that you’re able to put your knowledge into practice.

Each of the 7 subject areas contains 6-8 questions, with a possible maximum score of 50 marks.

You must pass the driver cpc module 2 before you take module 4. In other words, the theory test must be passed before the practical part. Often, we organise the Module 2 test to occur after a candidate has taken their HGV training course, although you can do it alongside your Hazard Perception and Multiple Choice theory tests if you’re up to it!

To apply for the Driver CPC (module 2) theory test you must have a valid driving licence with provisional entitlement for the category in which you wish to do your test. Your Training Advisor will let you know when you’re ready.

I need extra help!

DSA provide a number of facilities for candidates with special needs, including:

English Voiceover – You can request an English voiceover if you feel that would help.

Extra time – If you have dyslexia or other reading difficulty you can request to have up to double time for Module 2. If you request to have more than standard time you will need to send in evidence of your reading difficulty to the theory test booking customer services.

How can I revise for the CPC Module 2?

The LGV Training Company provides totally flexible online revision material for the CPC Module 2.

Revise anytime, anywhere, on a PC, laptop, tablet or even on your mobile!

To find out more about the Driver CPC Initial Qualfication Module 2, please call us on 0800 0744 007.







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