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Taking the sting out of CPC Periodic Training

 At The LGV Training Company we’re of the opinion that the easy way is generally better than the hard way. We think most people would agree with that!


That’s why when it comes to Driver CPC Periodic Training, we’ve devised a product which makes the process of achieving your periodic training hours simpler.


The LGV Training Company’s Direct Access Course has been running since before the Driver CPC legislation came into effect. It was originally devised to give new HGV drivers who had just completed their HGV training all of the basic work skills they would need for a career driving lorries, for example;


Digital & Analogue Tachograph Use

If you’ve ever sat down in front of either of these beauties before, you’ll know they aren’t exactly simple to use! What on earth is a wax chart? What is my Driver Card for, and what is that weird cross symbol? All the answers are within the DA course content. The Direct Access course gives you the skills you need to confidently use your Tachograph on the first day of your new job. Bit embarrassing if you can’t, isn’t it?!


Working Time Regulations

Saviour of the industry, and every day niggle of the average Driver. Get them right and they’re a blessing, but get something wrong and it could get you a slap on the wrist from VOSA or your boss. The Direct Access Course gives you the lowdown on all things Working Time related, including how your Tachograph records and your driver card fit in with this very important legislation.


Fuel Efficient Driving

When we started going on about this back in 2008, everyone thought we were bonkers. Nowadays SAFED (safe and fuel efficient driving) is widely acknowledged, and if you’re racing through the gallons and costing your employer a small fortune, they won’t like you any more than the environmental bods will. The Direct Access Course picks up where your HGV training left off, giving you the theory behind what your Instructor was telling you all week about your lead foot…!


Driver & Load Security

This one doesn’t seem important until you’re parking at night in a truck stop you’ve never visited before with a load of telly’s in the back of your truck. Instead of spending the night awake twitching at every little noise, you’ll sleep like a baby because of the best practice techniques you learnt on your Direct Access Course. If you don’t think keeping yourself and your load safe is important, perhaps you’re in the wrong career track… boxing might be more your thing!


The other side of this very interesting coin is preventing illegal packages and immigrants when making international trips. The Direct Access Course puts you in the mind of a customs official and helps you to figure out all the places you need to check, and the safety measures you need to employ to make sure you don’t unwittingly become the victim of illegal trafficking of goods or people. Valuable stuff to learn!


Health & Wellbeing

Yes, yes we know you like chips. But did you know that the health and wellbeing of HGV drivers is being hotly discussed at the moment? Did you know that the lifestyle choices you make on the road could make or break your career as an HGV driver? Fear not – the Direct Access Course gives you the tools you need to make healthier decisions to keep your heart, your boss and your wallet happy out on the road.


The Direct Access Course includes all of the above, and much more!


Almost six years after we started running the Direct Access Course, it’s still here in the same format it started – still giving HGV drivers everything they need for a great start in their new career. But now it’s even better – since the Driver CPC legislation came into effect, our Direct Access Course now counts towards 14 of your 35 hours periodic training requirement. And the best bit? The price is still the same now as it was all those years ago!


The Direct Access Course is a tried and tested simple way to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ and get all the info you need to be a professional HGV driver, whilst getting some periodic training hours under your belt for one fixed price. And guess what? If you’re a seasoned HGV driver, you can attend too! Refresh your memory of the basics and enjoy two days of fantastic periodic training from The LGV Training Company Team.


To find out more about CPC Periodic Training with The LGV Training Company, call us on 0800 0744 007, or click here to receive your free information pack!



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