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New training standards for tanker drivers from September

The fuel distribution sector has agreed industry-wide enhanced training and assessment standards for tanker drivers that it hopes will be used from September. The voluntary training package, approved at a recent meeting of the UK Downstream Oil Distribution Forum(DODF), will require tanker drivers to undertake up to half a days’ extra training on top of the […]

MACK: The many axles of milk transportation

When it comes to milk hauling, Gary “Mr Mack” Richards doesn’t know of any other place in the world (state, county or country!!) where bulk really means BULK like it does in the two major dairy states of the USA – Wisconsin and Minnesota. As you can see, the “milk containers” come with either 5 […]

Walmart Big Rig

Biglorryblog’s ‘Keeper of the Flame’ Martin Phippard has sent me these shots of an unusual extra-long artic run by Walmart (Canada) which has an 18.4m trailer on the back in place of the industry standard North American 53-footer (yes I know I’m going metric ‘inch-by-inch’) while the Argosy tractor up front has a drom-box on […]

Iveco looks to government for leadership on cleaner trucks and vans

Iveco’s UK MD Luca Sra has called for the UK government and European legislators to take “common-sense” steps to incentivise the purchase of cleaner, low-carbon trucks and vans. Speaking last week at Iveco’s annual ‘State of the Nation’ press event analysing the past year’s commercial vehicle registration figures, Sra argued that truck and van fleet […]

Volvo applies science to help operators with compliance

Volvo Trucks has begun 2013 with a groundbreaking multi-media marketing campaign that showcases the company’s user-friendly suite of solutions that can be used by operators to maintain compliance with O Licence regulations and thereby secure optimum OCRS scores.                         Titled ‘The Science of Compliance’, […]

Infographic: Christmas & Logistics

  Christmas & Logistics – An infographic by the team at The LGV Training Company Embed Christmas & Logistics: Copy and Paste the Code Below <br /> <a href=”https://www.thelgvtrainingcompany.co.uk/” mce_href=”https://www.thelgvtrainingcompany.co.uk/”><img src=”http://www.seocandy.co.uk/tools/images/LGVTrainingChristmas.png” mce_src=”http://www.seocandy.co.uk/tools/images/LGVTrainingChristmas.png” width=”540″></p> <p>Christmas & Logistics – An infographic by the team at <a href=”http://www.seocandy.co.uk/tools/images/LGVTrainingChristmas.png” mce_href=”http://www.seocandy.co.uk/tools/images/LGVTrainingChristmas.png”>The LGV Training Company</a></p> <p>

  So You Want to be a Driver – An infographic by the team at The LGV Training Company Embed So You Want to be a Driver on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below <br /> <a href=”https://www.thelgvtrainingcompany.co.uk”><img src=”http://www.seocandy.co.uk/tools/images/lgvtrainingcompany.png” width=”540″></p> <p>So You Want to be a Driver – An infographic by the team […]

Keep on track during the Games with FTA

Just as the athletes have been in training for the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, so has the logistics industry, and thanks to Freight Transport Association (FTA) – delivery drivers in and around the Games venues will be able to keep on track. Having been described as the biggest peacetime logistical event in the world, […]

Stobart chooses Iveco ECOSTRALIS tractor units

Transport and distribution specialist Eddie Stobart is putting two Iveco ECOSTRALIS tractor units to the ultimate test within its extensive transport operation. The company, one of the most recognisable and strongest brands in the country, says it will be closely monitoring the performance of the Iveco vehicles over the coming months. The trucks have been […]