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Can You Get Into HGV Driving Without Experience?

The current economic climate has meant that there are more people than ever looking for work and even in growing industries with vacancies available, this means that employers can be much more specific about the candidates that they are looking for.

The logistics industry is incredibly dynamic and a career in logistics will be anything but boring! Unfortunately, such a rewarding and exciting role is bound to have competition and with some employers demanding at least 2 years of experience, it can be difficult to see how you’ll get your foot in the door.

Here at The LGV Training Company, our business is to help you become a qualified HGV or LGV driver to give you the necessary skills and qualifications to begin your career. We’ve got some useful tips and hints to help get you started:

•    There are thousands of HGV driving job vacancies up and down the country and this number is increasing as we head towards the Driver CPC Periodic Training Deadline. In many respects, employers can’t afford to be picky any more. If you’re diligent and proactive, you can find work easily, even with just an online job search.

•    Have a good attitude! No one likes a grumpy, rude or ignorant employee, especially not if that person is to be trusted with a company vehicle. Be courteous, helpful and polite at all times.

•    Dress well; don’t underestimate the importance of a first impression. As an HGV Driver, you’re unlikely to be expected to turn up in a suit, however, you should look smart and clean and well presented. If you’re not sure about the dress code for the interview, ASK!

•    Be ready to go! If you’re applying for jobs you’re more likely to be accepted if you can leave immediately. Saying ‘no’ to a job offer isn’t a good start; keep well rested, keep your things on you, and be prepared to leave for a job immediately.

•    Check what sort of work normally comes up where you live. You might find that there’s a quarry nearby, and you could improve your prospects with a Tipper licence. Or, perhaps there’s a lot of construction, warehousing or agriculture, or chemicals and drugs manufacture. All of these trades have their related tickets and licences, e.g. Moffett, ForkLift, HiAb and ADR – is there something you could be doing to increase your chances?

Training Is the Key

The first steps towards beginning your career in HGV driving will always be quality training; without good training, you won’t fulfil your potential as a driver and your chances of securing a job will be significantly reduced. Here at The LGV Training Company, we are passionate about helping to become a safe and confident driver with our training courses.

If you’re unsure about the training that you will need to become an HGV driver then please visit our website, there’s a wealth of information available. Of course, if you have any questions or you’d like to talk through your options then feel free to contact us directly on 0800 0744 007; a member of our support team will be happy to help.

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