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What can I expect from my HGV driving career?

A Career in HGV Training

Taking a decision to start a career in HGV ensures for a fulfilling, rewarding and challenging occupation which beats the grind of the usual 9-5 job you would usually see yourself applying for. A career in HGV creates a unique platform for drivers from all age groups, backgrounds & cultures making for a diverse and well balanced workforce and also enables drivers to use their transferable skills from their previous employment in their new job roles making integration in to life as a HGV driver as smooth as possible. As well as being one of the biggest growing industries, logistics is the most innovative & diverse of them all. Being so diverse & innovative means that new career opportunities & roles are constantly being created nationwide on a daily basis to be able to cope with the demands of our developing world.

When the nation was hit by the economic downturn in 2008 the logistics industry was one of the only industries that actually grew as a result. And why you ask? Well the answer is simple really. In the recession one of the main areas of people’s lives that they had to cut back on was on their shopping habits. People stopped going in to the shops to buy what they needed & instead started ordering more of their shopping online to try & get the best deal possible. This increase in online shopping had a positive effect on the deliver companies putting a strain on their existing staff & fleets & forcing them to employ more & more drivers to handle the demands of the customer. As a result of this the companies in all areas of the logistics chain started to realise that there wasn’t enough drivers to fit the demand and shortly after it was then announced nationally that the industry was experiencing a shortage of some 40,000 jobs in the UK alone.

And this is where you come in…

Companies across the nation are crying out for newly qualified, professional drivers to join their existing fleets to ensure the longevity of their businesses. Gone are the days of the industry being a ‘old-boys’ industry, the older drivers have now had to take their medicals again and have potentially been refused and have also had to upskill by completing 35 hours of CPC periodic training every 5 years to keep their licence for professional use. This has meant that the Industry has seen many older drivers seeking early retirement and as such this has freed up a lot of vacancies nationwide.

As there is such a driver deficit nationwide newly qualified drivers should not experience any difficulties in finding suitable employment and The LGV Training Company commit to helping all of their drivers old or new in finding placements. At The LGV Training Company we do this by assisting all of our Customers with their job searches after they are qualified, creating CV’s for them, Writing cover letters for job applications & also by guiding our Customers on interview tips & techniques to ensure their application to any role is as strong as possible. With the guaranteed assistance & support from The LGV Training Company it’s no wonder why our trainees are so eager to enter this exciting industry.

Life as an HGV Driver

Working as an HGV Driver enables you to choose the job you want to do based on your individual & family’s requirements. A career in HGV Driving can be a great way to allow for a flexible work/life balance allowing you the time to spend with your family and friends. Every role on offer in this exciting industry is different so if you would prefer to drive long haul and would like your weekends for your family or alternatively would like to multi-drop job whereby you go home every day there is a job to suit you.

Life out on the roads gives drivers a sense of freedom that no other occupation can give. It gives you the ability to be your own boss, managing your own workload without having someone breathing down your neck 24/7! The added bonus of having a manageable workload is as any driver can only work up to 56 hours in one week by law you won’t get stuck having to do lots of overtime encroaching on your all-important home life.

Most roles within HGV Driving also allow you to plan your own routes & drop offs which means you will quickly gain confidence & experience within the role which means you will instantly start to reap the rewards that the job has to offer.

A career in HGV can also be an exciting job opportunity to travel the word and can be vastly rewarding to the more adventurous driver. Long Haul delivery driving allows the driver to experience different villages, towns, cities & countries from the comfort of their cab whilst being paid of the luxury. As well as experiencing different countries & their cultures you will have the opportunity to experience different cuisines and could very well be tasting the delights that Paris has to offer in one morning and then be tucking in to a full English at your closest truck stop the next… what isn’t there to like?

There are also many part-time job opportunities available to drivers who wish to do HGV driving as a secondary job or alternatively want to reduce their working hours down in their later life. These opportunities offer all of the benefits of a full time role but also allow you the flexibility to work when it suits you which is very difficult find in any other industry.

To conclude a career in HGV driving can suit all types of drivers from all ages, backgrounds and cultures. All each driver needs is a few basic things to get themselves on the road to a new way of life; a clean driver medical, the will to learn and the will to succeed.

Becoming a Lorry Driver

Obtaining your licence to drive professionally doesn’t have to be a stressful or confusing process. The LGV Training Company exists to take the hassle out of the process & ensure all of our Customers understand the process from start to finish so that their training process can run as smoothly running as possible.

Making the decision to become a lorry driver is a big step for any trainee and as such we have devised a quick tick list to help you decide if this career is right of you

  • Opportunity to be your own boss
  • Really flexible working hours – no more 9-5!
  • Great rates of pay
  • Loads of exciting career paths
  • Constant professional development
  • Improved personal confidence in driving skills
  • Keeping active & busy
  • Opportunity to meet new people every day
  • Opportunity to see new places every day
  • Variety of jobs

If this sounds good to you then a career in HGV driving should be right up your street!

Once you have established that a career in logistics is for you all you need to do is contact one of our friendly Training Advisors on 0800 0744007 to discuss the hgv training options available to you. We have a range of hgv courses on offer which take in to account your own driving experience, capabilities and skills to ensure you are getting a course tailored to your requirements.

The process in obtaining your licence is very straight forward; once you have completed your driver medical and applied for your provisional we will be booking you in for your practical courses. Once you have completed & passed your practical courses you are ready to start your job search!

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