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Can Driving A HGV Be Flexible?

Yes, it can.

But you probably want more information than that. Because over the last 10 or so years, flexibility in the workplace has gone from non-existent, to an interesting idea, to one of the biggest things candidates look for when job hunting. And with a global pandemic going on, flexible working has quickly gone from a nice perk to an absolute necessity. With unemployment on the rise, people are looking for new roles that can give them the flexibility and security to work through the pandemic, and come out the other side stronger. Which has left a lot of people asking – is being a HGV driver a flexible job?


No 9-5

If you don’t like to work in a standard 9-5, then being a HGV driver is a good career to consider. There is no such things as ‘standard working hours’, and the likelihood that you will actually work from 9am to 5pm is about as rare as a blue moon. Instead, your working days and hours will change on a monthly, weekly and sometimes daily basis, and will be influences by anything from the weather patterns to your own personal preferences. Because you do actually get a say in when and how you work in most companies. So on Monday you might be delivering to multiple customers in London, on Tuesday you might be driving from London to Manchester and back, and on Thursday you could end up doing a long-haul journey to deliver in Europe.


Control Your Environment

Be honest, how much freedom do you have in other jobs to change your working environment? Aside from maybe having a few pictures on your desk, or a plant or two, it’s probably not a lot. But as a HGV driver, you will be spending a lot of time alone in the cab of your vehicle, and you have full control over what that looks like. As long as it’s safe, doesn’t obstruct your view and doesn’t compromise the integrity of the vehicle, you can decorate your cab and your living area, install a mini-fridge, have your favourite pillows or fill the cab with your favourite smells. You can also blast your music, audiobooks or podcasts as loudly as you want, wear what you want, and keep whatever snacks you want in your cab. It’s one of the few jobs that gives you that level of control over your own working environment.


Flexible Time Off

Another nice thing about being a HGV driver is that as well as being able to choose your working hours and days to fit your preferences, you can also have some control over your time off. HGV drivers are rarely limited to only being able to take their holiday when the boss says so, and instead get much more say in when they can take time off, and for how long. This isn’t just limited to annual leave either – it’s also when in the week you work, and when your days off are. So if you need to be home on certain days of the week, that can usually be arranged easily, and changed if needed.


Job Security

In such uncertain times, job security is a big worry for many people – especially those who have already lost their jobs due to the pandemic, and want to move into a career they can keep for a while. Being a HGV driver is possibly one of the most secure job choices around, mainly because there has been a national shortage of HGV drivers for years now. This means there are hundreds of thousands of jobs available for qualified drivers, and you have your pick of the litter. So you have the flexibility to choose a company you really want to work with, and the security that there will always be work out there for you. Or you could choose secret option number 3, and stat out on your own!


So, is being a HGV driver a flexible job? Yes, we would say so! And the good news is that you can train to be a HGV driver in as little as 6 weeks, so you have access to this flexible new career in no time. There are a lot of elements you can control within your career as an HGV driver, without having to struggle for work. And that’s before we talk about setting out on your own! If you would like to know more about a career as a HGV driver, just get in touch with us today.

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