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Answers to regular questions asked;

  • Do you like working on your own, in a sense that you are your own boss & have no one looking over your shoulder all day & being left to your own devices


  • Is driving something you enjoy? In a lot of situations with the people we get on board, they are usually the designated driver by choice. Or they go on driving holidays, or just enjoy driving


  • Do you listen to a lot of music? Like listening to the radio/ keeping up to date with talk sport? You will get plenty of time to keep up to date whilst driving your truck


  • Do you know the difference between LGV & HGV? There is no difference, heavy goods vehicle & large goods vehicle


  • What hours would you like to work? With this we tend to get asked a lot of the time, am I going to be staying away for a lot of the time, overnight stays, working silly hours. Actually, as a driver you will find it is more flexible than most jobs. If you would like to work nights then you can do this, if you would like to be a HGV day driver then you can. If you would like to do it part time then also you can do this. We feel that as an industry this is the most flexible out there for working hours


  • It’s a skill you take to many countries across the world & use it to find a job. It is a wold wide recognised skill. In some countries (Australia being one) HGV drivers are some of the highest earners driving to & from the Mines & earning over 100k a year.

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