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Vosa cracks down on load security

Vosa has issued 74 prohibition notices to hauliers for carrying unsafe loads after it started training officers about freight security in the summer.

The enforcement agency vowed to crack down on load security problems and it teamed up with the Health and Safety Executive in June to develop a training scheme for staff.

Enforcement action will be taken when a potentially dangerous load is found that has not been strapped in or restrained. However, guidance and advice is being offered if a less hazardous load is unsecure, but there is evidence to show that an attempt was made to secure it.

But since Vosa rolled out two pilot training sessions for staff in July it has been coming down hard on hauliers flouting load security rules.

“We are currently evaluating that training with a view to finalising a full training package which we intend to be given to all our staff in the near future,” said a spokeswoman. “Our intention is to roll out the training on an area by area basis, starting from the first week in November.”





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