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Tyred of breakdowns? Apparently Pirelli can help!

West Yorkshire haulier Bedfords Transport says it has halved the number of tyre-related breakdowns in its fleet by half after it switched to Pirelli.

After running on new and remoulded tyres from the manufacturer for seven months Bedfords has recorded 3.4  roadside tyre failures a month.

Lee Nichols, purchasing consultant at Bedfords, says: “We’ve always been good at managing our tyres but these latest results show what can be achieved by closer working partnerships with suppliers.

“We’re recording tangible improvements in tyre performance every month, which is cutting our running costs and directly enhancing the service that we deliver to customers.”

The revised deal, signed in December 2011, incorporates a tyre maintenance contract with ATS Euromaster including routine tyre fitting, pressure monitoring, twinning and turning tyres on the rim.

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