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Transport companies choose Continental

An increasing number of transport companies are now using Continental’s latest generation of winter tyres for heavy commercial vehicles.

Thanks to its wide range of products for all axles on truck and trailer combinations and for coaches, Continental has a product range ideally suited to the cold season. In several European countries, the use of winter tyres on trucks is a legal requirement. In some cases, there is a minimum tread depth requirement of 6 mm. You could be fined up to 5,000 euros for failing to comply with winter tyre regulations.

Continental’s SCANDINAVIA winter tyre range goes further than the legal requirements for fitment of M+S tyres on drive axles. The SCANDINAVIA range, comprises steer, drive and trailer tyres with unlimited winter capabilities as indicated by the snowflake symbol on the sidewall. These provide good traction on ice and snow without compromising ride comfort, mileage or fuel consumption. The tyre designs have been specially configured for their axle positions, and the tread patterns guarantee optimum traction and directional control. To provide better grip on icy surfaces the SCANDINAVIA steering axle tyre HSW 2 features a combination of structured longitudinal grooves, intermittent ribs and micro-sipes to give a meshing effect.

The HDW 2, the drive tyre from Continental’s latest winter tyre generation, works with an advanced block design that literally clings to the snow and mud with high gripping edge forces. The structural stability of the sipe design with three-dimensional block elements allows a profile depth of up to 22 mm and guarantees a long tyre life in winter usage. Perfectly tuned in combination with the high-traction tractor unit tyres, the HTW 2 trailer tyres from the SCANDINAVIA series have been designed specifically for winter weather. The special tread design transfers braking forces and also the cornering forces of six trailer tyres in the best possible way even on slippery road surfaces.

For modern coaches, Continental has the ideal solution for the different requirements of winter operation with its HSW 2 Coach. Continental’s SCANDINAVIA HSW 2 Coach transfers the drive and tracking forces to the road with great traction, low noise levels and good ride comfort. It does all this through a closed belt tread developed for bus usage with three dimensional micro-sipes.

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