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SNAP man turns unused space in to revenue

SNAP, the revolutionary parking service for HGVs is extending its service by offering any fleet operator with a secure yard and driver facilities the opportunity of earning income from each unused space they have on any nights they are available.

SNAP’s online system allows the yard owner to designate how many spaces are available each individual night. All SNAP users are registered on the system and a pre-booking service offers everyone the ability to know who is parking where and when.

This expansion of the SNAP service, which is already used by thousands of drivers at conventional truck parks, uses the space in yards which is left available when fleets send their vehicles around the country during the week, normally Monday – Thursday nights.

SNAP (www.snapaccount.co.uk) works closely with over 80 truck parking and washing sites around the UK but needs more parking capacity; this is a good solution, as the benefits stay in the transport industry.

Driver, vehicle and load security

SNAP is already responsible for providing parking space for thousands of HGVs and has targeted the secure yards which are not fully used during the week to enable SNAP drivers to know that they can be safe and sound at night rather than in a lay-by or an “open-to-everyone” motorway service area.

SNAP man Chris Billing said: “SNAP is like a club where we know the transport managers and accounts staff; we have all the registrations linked to each operator and our systems are able to instantly authorise for all vehicles within the SNAP umbrella, but exclude all others, this protects an operator who is offering their yard as they know that they are not opening it to all and sundry”

“What we are effectively doing,” he continued “is widening the reciprocal type arrangements which many fleet operators have and we are providing the systems behind it to ensure fair play and that the yard operator is paid for each use.”

Enthusiastic Response

SNAP has reported a lot of interest in the scheme from both SNAP drivers & fleet operators who need to find places to park as well as those with yards that have spare capacity during the week; as well as being in discussion with some big names like Wincanton, DHL & DSV, they have also gained interest from well-known operators including Jack Richards, John Raymond, Bretts and many smaller ones

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