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SAF-Holland hooks up with Sir Ranulph Fiennes

SAF-Holland one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium product systems and components for trailer manufacturers, are supplying essential Pintle Hooks for an amazing polar expedition across Antartica.

Veteran polar explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, will take on one of the last remaining polar challenges by attempting to cross Antarctica in winter – the coldest journey on Earth – with five colleagues and with the support of the Commonwealth and a number of sponsors.

SAF together with IMS their UK and Ireland exclusive distributors are supporting this amazing expedition as a sponsor, by providing Pintle Hooks to connect the Caterpillar Tractors to the Cabooses.

Arran Leatherland, Sales Manager at IMS Limited explained, “Sir Ranulph contacted us direct asking if we could help supply this essential part, this is a unique opportunity for us and one we were glad to support”.

On 6 December 2012, on board the expedition’s South African ice-strengthened research ship, ‘SA Agulhas’, the expedition team – led by Sir Ranulph – will leave London, bound for Antarctica. Their aim is to complete ‘The Coldest Journey’ – the first-ever trans-Antarctic winter expedition. The Coldest Journey will also attempt to raise USD10 million for Seeing is Believing, a global charitable initiative to fight avoidable blindness. Using the very latest technological innovations, this epoch-making journey will pave the way for a new dawn in Antarctic, year-round exploration.

On 21 March 2013, the equinox, the six expedition members will begin a six month journey to reach the Ross Sea. Their route from the Russian base of Novolazareskaya (‘Novo’) to Captain Scott’s base at McMurdo Sound – via the South Pole – will test the limits of human endurance. During this six month period the expedition team will travel nearly 4,000 kilometres, mostly in complete darkness in temperatures as low as -90°C. The expedition team will have to be entirely self-sufficient and there will be no search and rescue facility available, as aircraft cannot penetrate inland during winter, due to darkness and risk of fuel freezing.



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