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RHA sets out future vision for Driver CPC

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has met with transport secretary Stephen Hammond (pictured) to set out their vision for a more flexible, progressive Driver CPC.

At a meeting yesterday [5 September] representatives of the RHA gave a formal presentation on what form it believes a future Driver CPC should take, in a bid to garner government support.

Jack Semple, policy director at the RHA, said he believed the Driver CPC could evolve into something closer to the continuous professional development commonplace in other industry sectors.

“We asked the minister for support to deliver greater flexibility to the process to encourage the industry to take greater ownership [of the Driver CPC],” said Semple.

At present Driver CPC course are delivered in seven hour blocks with an afternoon/ next morning split permissible. However, the RHA wants greater delivery flexibility. An example of this could be if the training was allowed to be delivered in 3.5 hour-segments, which would allow drivers to undertake training every six months, causing less disruption to smaller operators.

The RHA also wants the future Driver CPC to evolve in such a way as to encourage hauliers to take on more of the training themselves, ingraining it within their business. “I don’t think many hauliers realise just how much they can tailor the courses to their specific needs,” said Semple.

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