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Pan European Driving Rules On The Way To Make The Roads A Safer Place

It’s no secret that motoring guidelines and regulations differ country to country and prosecuting driving offences abroad can be near impossible. New legislation is being introduced by the European Union to ensure motorists adhere to traffic laws when driving outside their own country.

By November this year new regulations will come into force throughout the EU’s member states. The key offenses that will be targeted are: speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, motorcyclists driving without a helmet, driving in prohibited lanes such as bus, closed or emergency lanes, using a mobile phone while driving, not stopping at mandatory stopping points such as red lights or give way signs and not using a seatbelt.

Different European countries have different laws regarding speed limits, driver resting times, driving licences, seat belts, head lights and more; it is vital for anyone who is driving in another country, whether commercially or while on a holiday, to familiarise themselves with the restrictions to ensure they are within the law.

Drivers across the EU will be subject to penalties for breaking traffic laws which many offenders have previously avoided. The new regulations not only make European roads a safer place but keep drivers from falling into bad habits.

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