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Palletline London installs CCTV to defend against crash for cash scams

Palletline London has installed in-cab CCTV across its fleet to help defend itself against crash for cash scams.

Palletline London, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Palletline network, which operates from Perivale, has installed front facing Smart Witness CCTV across its fleet of 16 vehicles as a defence against insurance fraud as well as to monitor driver behaviour and reduce the impact of personal injury claims.

General manager Wayne Walsh said: “In today’s ‘claim to gain’ culture it’s more important than ever to ensure our drivers take responsibility for their actions and equally, for them to be able to prove the professionalism of their driving.”

The system will give the operator a picture of every delivery and will allow it to identify ways it can improve safety, efficiency and customer service.

The firm, which operates trunk routes up to the pallet network’s hub in Birmingham, has also invested in handheld signature devices to create instant proof of delivery and reduce paperwork.

The handheld devices, which have a digital camera, will also enable Palletline London to record the quality of each pallet at the point of delivery.

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